Bulletin MS16-023: When a critical Windows security update affects more than security

    In recent days, Microsoft announced the release of new security bulletins, which include MS16-023 . The goal of this security update is to resolve critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer that allow arbitrary code execution.

    However, Microsoft decided that along with critical security updates, their users can also install something else ...

    The thing is that having installed critical update KB3139929 on their computers, users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, in addition to eliminating vulnerabilities, will find in the appendage in the system tray an annoying offer to upgrade to Windows 10.

    In search of explanations for what is happening, we carefully read the description of KB3139929 where we are notified of that it is a security update that contains non-security edits .


    It’s so simple and not complicated, under the guise of benefactors, Microsoft took a new step to spread the imposition of both Windows 10 and system components that the user clearly didn’t need and didn’t expect from there.

    In conclusion, I want to note the fact that the update arrives even with the recommended ones disabled and only critical security updates are received. From this we can conclude that users of Windows 7 / 8.1 will now have to carefully read the descriptions for each update, verbatim examine the bulletins with all the dependencies, in order to make sure that they install only security patches and not anything else .

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    How do you feel about such actions on the part of Microsoft?

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