Siri Shortcut Update
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In addition to announcements about the new iPad and Mac, Apple also released a new version for Siri Shortcuts. The application was first presented at WWWC and came along with iOS12 as a way to unlock the potential of Siri by creating its own commands and macros. Now, the application can do new things, such as setting the time and timer, getting the latest weather forecast, etc.

The weather forecast should be especially useful for those who created their team for the morning routine. With this option, you can request the current weather forecast or after a certain period of time or certain parameters, such as "Chance of precipitation", "Percentage of humidity in the air", etc.

New functions for the alarm clock and timer will also help: “Create Alarm” (“Create Alarm”), “On / Off Alarm” (“Toggle Alarm”), “Enable timer” (“Start”). Previously, people were puzzled that these functions were present, but they could not be used. Well, this update is also designed to solve this problem.

The “Measurement” and “Convert measurement” functions allow you to convert between different units of measurement. It is also possible to get the most recent imported photos from the “Photos” application using the “Get Last Import” function. You can also ask to immediately begin recording a video with the “Take video” feature.

Interestingly, Apple did not call one of the update chips. Most likely, because all the news publications about her already told. This is the “Control” function (on the original “Police”). This function allows you to set a series of events. An example of a conversation: send a message to a friend - stop all media - decrease the brightness and start voice recording.

Siri Shortcut version 2.1 is the first major update since the release of iOS12. However, the app today still greatly attracts users working with iOS.

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