360 Total Security welcomes Habrahabr

    The Qihoo 360 team, armed with the flagship 360 Total Security antivirus , got to the Habrahabr portal and was glad to get to know the locals.

    This is our first post in which we talk about ourselves. It is possible that many of you are already familiar with Qihoo 360 products - someone has already installed an antivirus for their friends and colleagues, someone has just tried out promising software, and someone even saw our logo for the first time and wants to find out how to protect the computer as much as possible.
    Here we go?

    Simple, powerful and ... free?

    I bet this is the first thing that comes to mind? Why is an antivirus with such characteristics and declared viral omnivorous distributed to the right and left to everyone? Why not make money on sales?
    Internet security remains one of the basic needs of modern man. Understanding this, we have developed a powerful antivirus that can save data on computers, tablets and smartphones. By distributing it for free, we have created a user base that is constantly growing - users try, understand what works, recommend to friends, and they pass the baton on.

    In June 2015, the antivirus 360 Total Security was installed on 514 million active users, and its mobile version was installed on 800 million smartphones and tablets. Having such a base, we unobtrusively monetize it by offering paid applications and products of our partners - web-games, online video, travel, etc. It is important that the banners do not occupy 60% of the screen space, annoying our customers, and all products are offered in a special store.

    Everything is transparent and simple, friends. We make a quality product, increase the user base and monetize it through the sale of applications and affiliate products. Doubt it? Ask questions in the comments and you will get comprehensive answers to them.

    In the meantime, tell you why the number of users of 360 Total Security antivirus is growing so quickly.

    One-stop solution to computer problems

    From the very beginning, we decided that offering the user only computer protection is the last century. It’s much more logical to use the capabilities of modern software to solve all the problems of device optimization in one fell swoop, including the operation of RAM, hard drives and safe online communication on social networks.

    Naturally, for this I had to work on the filling. We have combined several popular engines and anti-virus systems in one product, including 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira and Bitdefender, which provide a complete set of anti-virus tools.

    As a result, instead of the usual protection, we offer at the same time 5 functions:

    1. We quickly check all the health and safety parameters with one click.

    2. We find and eliminate viruses.

    3. We configure services, including autoload, plug-ins and optimization of the Internet connection.

    4. We clean hard drives from junk or obsolete files that the user does not use.

    5. We offer a set of additional tools - browser protection, sandbox, 360 Connect function, firewall and disk compression.

    Separate words deserve technical support for the product. You can write to us by mail any question and suggestion or not wait for an answer and find it in frequently asked questions.

    Now in Russian

    Starting with the seventh version of the antivirus, users have access to a fully Russified interface. Although intuitive icons helped to use 360 ​​Total Security without problems before, now the number of fans among the Russian-speaking population has increased dramatically.

    Mobile security

    Taking into account the amount of mobile traffic, we could not pass by and leave our tablets and smartphones defenseless. Development in this segment began back in November 2009, so we were one of the first to think about gadgets. To date, all the developments have resulted in a full-fledged 360 Security product, which is friends with Android.

    The mobile application provides multi-layer protection:
    • antivirus databases are updated in real time, so even the latest trojan or worm breaks its teeth;
    • “brakes” in work stop because the program monitors the optimal allocation of RAM and instantly disables secondary tasks;
    • garbage in the form of pieces of old programs and useless APK-files does not accumulate in the device’s memory;
    • under additional protection are personal data - logins and accounts, account numbers, contact lists.

    In China alone, more than 800 million users use our product, and this number is growing every day!

    Have you tried 360 Total Security?

    We honestly talked about our product. Now you know why our antivirus is free and what it has inside.

    Our blog is a convenient way to ask developers a question or suggest a topic that you would like to know more about. Write - it is very important for us to find out the opinion of a Russian-speaking audience. Therefore, if you didn’t like something during the use of the antivirus or if there is a reason why you consciously bypass our products, tell us about them.

    It was nice to meet you and see you in the comments.

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