Intel has prepared a working prototype of the 5G platform

    2016 will be the year when 5th generation (5G) mobile technologies begin to move from presentation slides to real hardware. Intel, together with the largest vendors and operators, such as Nokia, Ericsson, Verizon and others, is in full swing conducting research and design work to create a 5G infrastructure. And in this time-consuming and costly process, one more step was taken: at the last week's MWC congress, Intel introduced a real working prototype of the 5G platform. The Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform is based on the Altera Arria 10 FPGA and Intel Core i7 processor. During the demonstration of the device, data rates exceeding 1 Gbit / s were shown. A prototype of a 5G router, ready for use in various mobile systems, was also presented.
    5G technology is not just a way to significantly increase mobile data speeds. Intel sees in them the basis of the future united “Internet of people and things” - a communication network that will allow any type of subscribers to exchange information at gigabit speeds as energy-efficient as possible and taking into account their specifics.
    As we know, the widespread deployment of 5G networks is planned to begin in 2020. So far, everything is on schedule. In the photo: Aicha Evans, Intel's vice president and general manager of Communication and Devices Group, demonstrates the 5G platform.

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