Where and from whom to study robotics, big data management, high-quality software development

    We collected in one place all the short educational videos created by professors of Innopolis University, created together with Post-Science .

    If you are interested in topics, welcome to cat.

    • Alexander Tormasov. Homomorphic cloud encryption:

    • Stanislav Protasov. 3D reconstruction of images:

    • Eugene Magid, Anthropomorphic robots:

    • Stanislav Protasov. Internal development at Computer Science:

    • Evgeny Zuev, Integration of compilers in a programming environment:

    • Stanislav Protasov. Parallel programming as a way of thinking:

    • Evgeny Zuev Compilers for programming languages:

    • Mohamad Kassab, Quality criteria at an early stage of software development:

    • Manuel Mazzara, Web Services Integration Modeling:

    • Eugene Magid, Robots in search and rescue operations:

    • Joseph Brown, Evolutionary Algorithms:

    • Maxim Talanov, Emotional Computing:

    • Maxim Talanov, Emotional artificial intelligence:

    • Kyang Ku. Big data management:

    • Sergey Zykov. Development of corporate information systems:

    • Manuel Mazzara. Trust and security in social networks:

    • Joo Yong. Reputation management mechanisms in social networks:

    And also, industry representatives often come to students of Innopolis University and give open lectures, for example, here:

    Eugene Kaspersky about Internet threats

    Grigory Bakunov (Bobuk), Yandex, about trends in IT

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