GeekBrains teach C programming language

    Our educational portal announces the launch of the C ++ course . A “crusader” student will be in demand in any IT industry: from software design and development to game development. C ++ is great for solving complex tasks, all high-load systems are written on it, for example, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, or the legendary World Of Warcraft. According to , there are over three thousand C ++ programmers openly in Russia today, including over a thousand in Moscow.

    Training will take 9 months. The program includes 9 practical courses: Linux, Git, C and C ++ basics, a course on algorithms and structures in C, a course on compiling and managing memory in C ++, object-oriented programming and other subjects, the development of which will help solve tasks facing programmers. Students who have successfully completed their studies and passed the final tests and projects will receive a state certificate and certificates for each of the nine courses completed.

    All students will have a 3 month guaranteed internship at GeekBrains, which will help them work out the skills necessary to start a career. The best students will be able to start working at GeekBrains partners or join a startup founded by graduates of previous years. To do this, they will need to perform a test task.

    The lessons are practicing developers with experience of at least 5 years. Classes are held in the format of webinars and video lectures several times a week in the evenings. To consolidate skills after each lesson homework is given. Each student receives a personal mentor who helps to understand the difficult moments of learning.

    Working on practical tasks, the course participants will perform three projects for their portfolio, including a project on aggregation and visualization of large amounts of data and a luminance analyzer for PNM.

    Classes begin on November 5th. Education is a paid, detailed program can be studied at the link .

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