Five reasons to fall in love with regional IT parties

    There is something in the Russian regions where they can surpass both capitals - this is the ability to combine the useful, the hype, the soul and the lamp. Recently we visited Samara at the festival of Internet figures 404, which became a vivid confirmation of this. Below - five characteristic features of "exit" programmer parties, creating the desired degree of constructive relaxation.


    1. Events with a twist

    In Moscow, IT events are put on stream and, with few exceptions, are alike. Usually they are built like this: two or three class reports are hidden in the stream of advertising speeches.

    Among regional events there are often places where the organizers muddied everything primarily because of the idea, and not for the sake of money. In this case, the event has a soul, familiar themes start to play with new colors.

    With 404Fest just such a story. He grew out of the annual meetings of the Samara "techies", after graduating from the institute, moved around the world. Someone lives in Norway, someone - builds their business in the United States and Canada. Gathering at home, they share their unique experiences with each other. The festival is a good way to increase the scale and audience of such a small party. As a result, the focus of the discussion at the event is not on how to transfer foreign developments to Russian soil, but on the problems of Western business operating at the cutting edge of technological progress. First-hand information, in Russian, which has passed through the cultural decoder we are used to.

    2. Habitual urban comfort in nature

    Do not think that everything except Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia is decay and devastation. In large provincial cities, especially those for which the World Cup has swept, there is a quality urban environment, familiar to the capital's residents. To get to such a city is simple: I reached the station, fell asleep in a comfortable train, the next morning was already in place. And there all the same familiar services: taxis, navigators, and so on. All the same familiar retail chains of coffee shops, pizzerias, restaurants, shops. As if he was in another district of Moscow.

    On the other hand, the measured pace of life in the region and the charm of the local nature do their work, visiting the event becomes a full-fledged journey. Samara in this respect did not disappoint. The multi-kilometer sandy beach on the Volga, the houses, inscribed in the complex terrain, modern hotels. Surely, if you leave the city center, you can find bad roads and homely houses. Here everyone is looking for what is closer to him.

    3. Less pathos, more networking

    The unpleasant feature of the capital conferences is the overwhelming pathos of some speakers. This is especially true for thematic events on the UI or Internet marketing. It is not easy for a person from the province to overcome the psychological barrier and begin to communicate with such “celestials”.

    On regional parties, everything is usually very democratic. Speakers calmly relate both to their topic and to their place in the professional community; they are open for communication. Networking at such parties is very productive. And do not forget that programmers, apart from personal “communication on the sidelines,” love to send their questions to instant messengers. Our corporate architect Alexander Trekhlebov ( holonavt), who spoke at 404Fest with a report on microservices, then all evening in Telegram answered questions from the audience. Since the conference was dedicated to the frontend, his presentation was mostly introductory. It is useful for UI specialists to know what is under the hood of modern web solutions.

    We have previously described the content of the introductory part in the article Evolution of Decomposition: from Linux-servers to Kubernetes . Alexander spoke in detail about the components of a modern microservice application, these are Discovery-service, Config-server, Gateway, Auth-service and monitoring system. Showed how they interact with application elements and the outside world.


    A useful example was the modular UI, where each element consists of an independent widget associated with its own set of microservices. As a result, the banking application containing the task tape, the client card and the contact center operations panel retains its functionality and part of the functionality when one of the services is disabled.


    The problem of the fall of the microservice system was also raised, when microservices call each other along the chain. The rejection of the use of synchronous calls via the Rest API and the use of asynchronous via the server queue significantly increases fault tolerance.


    By the way, here is the speech of Alexander, you can see for yourself and ask your questions in the comments to the article.

    4. Convenient planning

    When there are 6-10 performances in parallel, it is difficult to have time to visit all the interesting ones. And at the same time there are other important activities: coffee breaks, lunches, jokes nishtyakov, which should not be missed. Well-designed regional events leave behind a feeling that everything seems to have time.

    At 404Fest, a mobile application specially written for the event helped a lot. It contained all the necessary information on performances, the ability to create a list of selected reports, reminders, a city guide, your own Festogram (ribbon of photos of participants) and a chat for communication with any participant of the festival. And no paper timetables!

    5. Lectures from smoothies to hardcore

    In Moscow, most events are built under a certain level of specialists. If you have not guessed it, you will have to either listen to the educational program, or puzzle over the avian language and the depth of the problems of narrow specialists. The regional parties usually attract experts of different levels from all the nearby cities, and the organizers take this into account. For each slice of the audience there is a set of reports.

    404Fest raised various topics: from backend to design, UX, startups and Internet marketing. Representative speakers, topical serious topics - and at the same time very accessible and human statement of facts. The halls were packed.

    Requirements for the preparation of reports at regional conferences are lower than at top Moscow events. No one forces the speakers in advance to drive their reports several times, bringing them to perfection, take master classes in public speaking with coaches. The party should remain a party, not turn into a rock concert. As a result, it passes in a simple way, but no less interesting.

    Have something to remember

    In order to organize a good event, it is not enough just to pick good speakers. It is necessary to create a special environment, to realize a lot of pleasant things for visitors, to add entertainment elements. Provide memorable razdatku and normal food, finally. All this we found at 404Fest.

    The exhibition in the lobby were creative stands of key partners of the event. Stand PSB became the center of the original photo shoots. Against the background of the press-ox with the Hare of Failure, one could take a picture with original signs and get a photo-magnet with a photo as a gift.

    But what to say, it is better to see once, see our overview video from this event.

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