Kimono Service Closes

    After two years of active development and the rapid growth of the user base (over 125 thousand customers), the Kimono cloud service team joyfully announces its joining Palantir, a privately held US company that develops data analysis software for organizations. This is a joyous event, but not in everything.

    « Kimono » - is a cloud service that allows you to turn virtually any site on the provider of structured data in XML or JSON. The user does not even need any special programming skills.

    For those who are not familiar with the service, the demo video will demonstrate the simplicity of its use and basic features:

    After meeting with future colleagues, the guys from Kimonolabs were struck by the potential for growth and development. Palantir offered them access to a huge amount of data, full technological support and resources, as well as the opportunity to work on tasks that they did not dream about in their startup. Refusing was unreasonable. They decided to sacrifice the development and support of their offspring, and on February 29, access to all his data directly through the site and the API will be disabled.

    It is worth paying tribute to the developers. They made a desktop version of the service, which within 30 days after the official closure of the service will allow uploading their APIs (including data collection rules, settings, address lists, etc.) with the exception of the data itself. The application for Mac and Windows will work in conjunction with a specialextension for the Chrome browser.
    For details, see the FAQ .

    I suggest discussing in the comments who and how used Kimono and who will do what next.

    UPD : Thanks to Saiten for an example of services similar to Kimono:
    This is and , as well as , ,

    UPD2 : Thanks to mraketing for the tip: xml.garpun. com

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