Speed ​​limit for electric vehicles

    In different countries there are a variety of programs that encourage you to buy electric cars, but perhaps the most unusual of them is the one offered by the Austrian government.

    It announced three new programs.

    These are dedicated public transport lines available for electric vehicles, free parking spaces for electric vehicles and another one that attracts the most attention - an increase in the maximum speed limit for electric vehicles on highways.

    Cars with internal combustion engines at high speeds pollute the atmosphere much more than at low ones. Therefore, a couple of years ago, in some European countries (Austria, Holland, etc.), in order to improve the environmental situation around some settlements, IG-L zones (Immissionsschutzgesetz - Luft) were introduced. In these zones, the maximum speed is limited to reduce emissions from motor vehicles during heavy pollution (for example, in Austria from 130 to 100 km / h).

    But if the car has no exhaust, then it does not need this special restriction. Electric cars in Austria can now not pay attention to this limit and go on the same road faster than cars with internal combustion engines.

    The fleet of electric cars in Austria is growing at a good pace, but still not as fast as expected last year. New stimulating government programs are aimed at increasing the number of sales of electric vehicles in the country.

    Sales of electric vehicles in Austria per year:

    Top sales of electric vehicles in Austria (September):

    In this article I wrote about the small Test Drive of the most popular electric car in Austria, Volkswagen e-Golf.

    This new law is unusual, but can really become an effective sales support method.


    In this article about the efficiency of driving states that the increase in speed from 90 to 120 km / h can increase fuel consumption (and hence exhaust) 20%, and a rate decrease from 104 to 88 km / h on the contrary makes driving more efficiently at 10 -15%. Natural Resources Canada says that for most cars, the most "economical" speed is between 50 and 80 km / h.

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    What is the most effective speed of your car (lower consumption per 100 km)?

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