The author of the book "The Witcher" will still receive compensation from CD Projekt Red

    Last October, it was reported that Andrzej Sapkowski, author of The Witcher, demanded compensation from CD Projekt Red for using his intellectual property. And he demanded not just that, but with the help of lawyers, requesting the payment of royalties.

    Everything would be quite obvious if Sapkowski himself had not previously refused the interest charged for each sale of the game on account of a fixed payment. In 1997, the amount of payment was about $ 9,500, which was quite good for Poland (for any other country, too). But after the game made by the book began to win millions of fans, the author realized that he had lost.

    And I decided not to get upset in silence, but simply to demand “compensation” (without giving back the payment received earlier). The author did not believe in the success of The Witcher because the Witcher already tried to use the plot in the game based on the book. Only it was not a CD Projekt Red, but other studios.

    Representatives of the studio after receiving requests from Sapkowski said they did not plan to pay anything more than what had already been paid. Studio representatives wanted to maintain a good relationship with the writer, but without money. The company considered (and, probably, not without reason) the writer's demands illegal.

    Not supported by Sapkovsky and game lovers, and lovers of his books. In their opinion, since the choice has already been made, nothing can be done.

    However, after a few months the game studio decided to pay. The parties - the writer and CD Projekt Red reached a pretrial agreement. It is worth recalling that Sapkovsky demanded about $ 16 million in royalties. It has now become known that the amount of payments is rather big, but still it is less than what the writer wanted. How much less is unknown.

    Fans continue to joke about the fact that when the series from Netflix collect a lot of money, Sapkowski will demand compensation from this company.

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