The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 138 developer (on January 24-31)

    The main news this week was the close of Parse, one of the best mobile backends. Outside of this - cutting resources, geolocation on Android, optimizing games, approximating virtual reality and many other interesting news.


    Texture compression in Android: format comparison and code examples

    The technology for applying textures to two-dimensional or three-dimensional models is widely used in computer graphics. This is done in order to improve the detail of objects that are represented by models. Android supports many texture compression formats, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    General principles in creating mobile applications for a beginner UX / UI designer

    After my previous posts, I often wrote to guys who begin to study the topic of UI / UX. This is so cool, thank you! And in this article I share principles that will be interesting and useful to a beginner.

    Mission Impossible: geolocation on Android without battery drain

    Geolocation is used in a variety of tasks. Let's take a common scenario when the coordinates of the user are not interesting on their own, but it is extremely important to know when he enters certain geographic radii. The range of applications where it is needed is very wide - from store lists and geo-games to logistics and security.



    Windows (Phone)


    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    Devices and IoT

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