Best Free Vector Icon Collections

    Hello, Habr! Today I want to present you a huge collection of 51 sets of free vector icons. Yes, there are awesome Flaticon or Iconfinder resources , but there are times when you need a group of icons in a single stylistic design. Make a choice, this selection will help you. I tried to collect not as much as possible, but really the best.

    There is much debate among web developers about which is better: an icon font or SVG sprites? There is no clear answer to this question. Everyone chooses his own. These icon sets do not limit you in your choice, as they are presented in various formats:, @font-faceSVG, EPS, AI, PSD, Sketch.

    In general, this collection contains more than 10,000 icons covering many categories: interfaces, technologies, science, sports, marketing, environment, transport, etc. Hollow, filled, colored, in Flat, Material, Elegant, Cartoon, Hand drawing styles.

    Responsive Icons (100 icons, PSD, AI, EPS, SVG)

    Responsible icons

    Icon-Works (130+ icons, Webfont)


    Feather (130 icons, PSD, SVG, Webfont)

    Feather Icons

    Linea (730+ icons, SVG, Webfont)

    Linea icons

    Icony (100 icons, SVG, PSD)


    Free iOS Icons Pack (100 icons, PSD, Webfont)

    Free iOS Icons Pack

    Touch Icons (340 icons, PSD, AI, SVG)

    Touch icons

    Simple Line Icons (100 icons, AI, EPS, SVG, PSD)

    Simple line icons

    Themify Icons (320+ icons, SVG and Webfont)

    Themify icons

    Elegant Line-Style Icons (100 icons, AI, SVG)

    Elegant Line-Style Icons

    Pixeden Icon Font Pack (170 icons, Webfont)

    Pixeden Icon Font Pack

    Summer and Essentials Icon Set (50 icons, EPS, AI, PNG)

    Summer and Essentials Icon Sets

    Webicons (100 icons, AI, EPS)


    Stroke Icons (80 icons, PSD, AI, Webfont)

    Stroke icons

    Microns (231 icons, SVG, Webfont)


    Outlined Icons (150 icons, PSD, SVG, AI, Webfont)

    Outlined icons

    LineIconSet v1.0 (200 icons, EPS)

    LineIconSet v1.0

    Someicons (153 icons, EPS, SVG)


    Universal Icons (100 icons, SVG)

    Universal icons

    Flat Color Icons (300+ icons, SVG)

    Flat color icons

    Iconia (100+ icons, Webfont)


    Typicons (336 icons, SVG, Webfont)


    Geoph (80 icons, AI, PSD)


    Evil Icons (70 icons, SVG)

    Evil Icons

    Stroke Gap Icons (200 icons, AI, PSD, SVG, Webfont)

    Stroke Gap Icons

    Unigrid (100 icons, AI)


    Amenities (100 icons, EPS, PSD)


    Elegant Icons (360 Icons, Webfont)

    Elegant Icons

    Lightwing (60 icons, Webfont)


    Tonicons (500 icons, EPS, Sketch, Webfont)


    Epic Icons (1000+ icons, Webfont)

    Epic icons

    Lynny Icons (900+ icons, EPS, AI)

    Lynny icons

    Helium (100 icons, AI, EPS, SVG, Webfont)


    Essential Icons (77 icons, EPS, PSD, AI, SVG)

    Essential icons

    Dripicons (95 icons, Webfont)


    Cinema (200 icons, SVG)


    Open Iconic (200+ icons, SVG, Webfont)

    Open iconic

    Twig (100+ icons, SVG, Webfont)


    MFG Labs Iconset (160+ icons, Webfont)

    MFG Labs Iconset

    PrestaShop Icons (300+ icons, EPS, Webfont)

    PrestaShop Icons

    Subway (300+ icons, Webfont)


    Entypo (400+ icons, Webfont)


    Fundation Icons (100+ icons, Webfont)

    Fundation icons

    Ionic Icons (~ 750 icons, Webfont)

    Ionic icons

    Material Icons (~ 1000 icons, SVG, Webfontg)

    Font Awesome (1000+ icons, Webfont)

    Font awesome

    Squid Solid , Flat and Line Icons (150 icons, EPS, AI, PSD, SVG)
    Squid Solid, Flat and Line Icons

    Roundicons (60 icons, PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, AI)


    Retinaicons (200 icons, AI)


    Swifticons (92 * 3 icons, EPS, AI, PSD, Sketch SVG)


    Ballicons 2 (36 icons, PNG, SVG, PSD)

    Ballicons 2

    Thank you all more for your attention.

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