What do common dress and upcoming 5G era have in common?

    Our entire industry is awaiting the advent of the 5G era and is actively preparing for it. In the new material we tell about the industries that, under the influence of 5G, will make the life of society more comfortable.

    In 2016, we became the first company to create prototypes of solutions compatible with 5G NR , and a little later we announced the release of the 5G-modem Snapdragon X50 . In 2017, we achieved new successes in this area and conducted the world's first test of data transmission through 5G NR networks with the participation of several operators. At MWC Barcelona 2018, we demonstrated the capabilities of the 5G NR mmWave module in a smartphone form factor and conducted a series of 5G NR tests with 5G ecosystem leaders, using up to 6 GHz for the data transmission and the millimeter range. All these achievements helped set the stage for global mobile operators to choose our 5G field test equipment.that will begin later this year.

    Last week, we took another important step towards the 5G era by introducing commercial versions of our 5G NR modules for ranges up to 6 GHz and mmWave in a form factor that is suitable for mobile devices. Our main task now is to integrate the entire 5G ecosystem using Qualcomm technologies and successfully commercialize 5G NR networks as early as 2019. We also plan to continue our research in the field of 5G in order to identify ways to develop these technologies in the later stages.

    Our inventions contribute to the active development of the 5G ecosystem.

    The initial phase of the 5G NR era concerns, first of all, the new generation mobile networks, but in a broader sense, the 5G goal is the introduction of new mobile communication technologies in various industries, their development and change, as well as the creation of completely new industries. In 3GPP Release 16 and subsequent releases, it is planned to describe in more detail the use of 5G NR for new vertical services , including industrial Internet of things. The development of new projects has already been agreed upon at the 3GPP June plenary sessions held in San Diego.

    5G will be the basis for new technological breakthroughs

    We believe that the final introduction of 5G will bring our society an economic effect, which by 2035 will exceed the sum of 12.3 trillion US dollars . For us, 5G technology is a kind of link that connects and supports the work of modern services and allows you to create new products and services in the future.

    To tell more about the possible applications of 5G, which will arise in the next few years, we have prepared a presentation, which shows how 5G technology will affect almost all aspects of human life and help make it better. Accurate agriculture and universal production, collaborative workspace and autonomous vehicles - 5G technologies will be important far beyond the scope of entertainment with immersion, in which they will be used as early as 2019.

    Unlocking the full potential of 5G requires significant changes at the junction with the wireless network

    We are actively moving towards the commercialization of 5G in 2019, but to fully unleash the potential of these networks, much more than 5G technology is required. In the new era of 5G, a huge number of devices will be connected with each other, but what role will the “clouds” play in it and where should the calculations take place? How do we cope with huge amounts of new data? Will we be able to create completely new services that fully use the minimum delay, huge bandwidth and distributed data processing in 5G networks? We will answer these and other questions in our following materials.

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