GDG DevFest Krasnoyarsk 2015: Photo report

    The conference was attended by over 200 people, among whom were both fans of Google technologies and those who are just looking at them. We received a lot of positive feedback from DevFest visitors and have already set ourselves up to hold the next event, but more on that later, and now details of what happened.

    What? Where? When?

    GDG DevFest 2015 Krasnoyarsk was held on December 12 at the MTBC Pilot.

    The main topics were Material Design , various development options for the Android operating system and pleasant utilities in the form of Docker. There were so many people who wanted to attend the conference that there were practically no empty seats in the hall.


    All presentations of reports and video speeches can be seen in the official GDG Krasnoyarsk group or in the group of the Krasnoyarsk IT community Dev2Dev .

    Material Design Consistency Issues

    The first speaker was Anton Tarasov, the developer of mobile applications from Aspirity. Anton talked about the basic principles of the Google Guidelines, which include descriptions and recommendations for using the interface components, reflected on some problems and told how they were solved in their company.

    Elliptics at

    The next speaker was Anatoly Basov from 24au. Anatoly talked about how the largest open Internet trading platform in Siberia began and how it developed.

    The story about a large project aroused great interest among the audience and a lot of questions.

    "Isomorphic applications on clojure"

    The third speaker was Nikolai Ryzhikov from Health Samurai, St. Petersburg. It was an experiment for us, because Nikolai’s report was in the form of “Livecoding”. Nikolai opened the curtain to the mysterious world of functional programming, tried to help understand the nature of LISP and learn how to create, using Clojure, practical and topical applications. In general, it was a good experience. Say, directly, the experiment was successful, many positively evaluated the report and its format.

    After Nikolai’s story, we took a break. All students were able to talk to each other, ask questions to speakers and just drink coffee with rolls. :)

    GDG Krasnoyarsk leader Aleksey Volkov was unable to escape from the camera lens. :)

    “Docker for all, all, all”

    After the break, Ilya Beda, technical leader of bro.agancy, spoke. Ilya talked about how to improve the development process and launch applications in production using Docker.

    Web Components - The Future Is Here

    And the last in turn, but not in importance, was Alexey Syzko JS developer Anko Software. Alexey in his report raised the issue of code reuse in modern software development. In the report, Alexey examined the main technologies (Shadow DOM, templates, custom elements) on which web components are built, explained how to create your component on the current technology stack and also using the Polymer library from Google.


    Here, perhaps, it is worth saying only one thing is better to visit once than to read a hundred times. =) After the conference, we moved to a bar nearby, where live communication with the speakers and not only continued. I would like to say thank you to all speakers and all listeners for the excellent conference and for the positive feedback on the event.
    You can see more photos here .

    Join GDG Krasnoyarsk on Google + and the Krasnoyarsk IT community Dev2Dev on VK, see you next year!

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