LG's 8K OLED TVs are waiting for June 2019, maybe the release will be delayed

    According to recent reports from www.ajudaily.com and www.whathifi.com , LG is technologically ready to launch the serial production of 8K OLED TVs in the first half of 2019. According to statements by LG Display CEO Han Sang-beom (Han Sang-beom), made in Seoul, mass production of devices is scheduled to begin in May, and in June to introduce products to the market. Under the cut a little more detail about the announcement of mass production, competition and 8K prospects in the near future.

    Current 8K status

    Probably, many people know that 8K is approximately 8000 pixels horizontally, the standard 8K UHD (4320p) assumes a resolution of 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels). More recently, many believed that the creation of 8K devices for home use is not appropriate. They say that the viewer will not notice the difference and, except for exhibition concepts, 8K devices were not considered. However, with the development of technology, the presentation of manufacturers and users quickly changed.

    Earlier, the media reported that prototypes of LG OLED panels with an 88-inch screen were presented at the IFA 2018. In addition, many already know that LG’s main competitor, Samsung, released its first commercially available 8K QLED panel - QE85Q900R TV. In Russia, it is already available on pre-order.

    Thus, it can be said that LG seeks to “catch up and overtake” its compatriots. At the same time, it is necessary to give them their due, they “go very tightly” with Samsung, noticeably yielding industry leadership only sporadically and situationally.

    In theory, the epic battle of the Korean titans, to which their colleagues from Japan and the PRC periodically join, wins the market, the partners of the companies and, most of all, the consumer, who gets the coveted innovation earlier and cheaper than if the monopolist were engaged in developing it. But this is in theory ...

    Content that is not

    Despite the optimism of representatives of LG and other companies that are seeking to quickly launch 8K on the market, there are problems. In particular, LG is not divorced from reality and understands the problem with content. Han San-bom agrees that there is almost no adequate amount of content. Moreover, at the moment there are tangible difficulties even with 4K content, to which the user has just started to get used. And most of the existing 8K records are demo.

    It is likely that, as in the case of Samsung, LG will rely on the data of pre-orders and depending on their number will count the mass character of the series. It is possible that, as in the case of 4K, marketers of the company will be able to play on the prestige of owning a device with characteristics that obviously exceed the capabilities of the content. It is characteristic that the scaling of 4K, and with not too high intensity, is happening only now.

    Our experience

    All that concerns the lack of content, as the main factor restraining the advancement of the format, we felt on ourselves even when 4K appeared. When our vendors offered the first 4K TVs to active promotion, we faced a situation where we had few arguments in favor of the product. There were even cases when sellers recommended purchasing a FullHD device, understanding that it is more relevant for the customer.

    There is one more interesting detail: an impressive part of our customers sought to acquire 4K panels on the recommendation of their friends. Often these people had no idea why they needed 4K resolution. It can be said that the skillful promotion of 4K as a technological trend “for all” was so tough that consumers simply perceived the resolution information as a synonym for the coolness of the device, which was not always true.

    Why do you need 8K today?

    The whathifi.com review of the Samsung QE85Q900R, the world's first serial 8K TV, noted that in detail, sharpness, brightness, dynamism, color vibration and, in general, in cinematic images - this TV is superior to everything they saw before. It is also important to understand that the conclusions were made on the demo content, which was specially created for this TV.

    For FullHD and 4K-pictures in QE85Q900R, an algorithm (applicator) is used, built on the basis of artificial intelligence, which uses machine learning to analyze the image and increase resolution. It is possible that something like this will be used in new products from LG.

    Similar algorithms compare millions of low and high resolution images. Thus, analyzing two versions of the same object, differences are identified, and on the basis of the data obtained, the program “finishes out” the missing elements for high resolution. This way is not without flaws, but there is a result from it, although the differences between the completed and original image are tangible and significant.

    It should be clearly understood that in a world where there is no relevant content, 8K can exist only in such a form completed by the “pre-ducted” algorithm, which partially eliminates the benefits of this resolution. On the other hand, it is obvious that sooner or later the content will appear.


    Obviously, the future is 8K, while the question remains how far this future is from us. We will know about the implementation of LG plans soon enough, but it is not known whether the technology will be in demand right away. I will be glad to your opinions and predictions in the comments.

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