Reinstalling the pre-installed Windows 8 at the end of 2018

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An article about how to restore licensed windows 8 on an old laptop, which killed the HDD.

You can learn a lot from the 2013 article .
However, time has made its own adjustments.

Step-by-step instructions (for those who, like me, rearranged the Windu last time about 10 years ago) under the cut. I hope it will help someone save a few hours that I spent searching for 8.0 CoreSingleLanguage on torrent.

1. You need to get your windows key from the BIOS (please do not judge strictly for terminology).
There is a lot of information. I used ProduKey . Others follow the link (taking into account that we will download disk images, we are unlikely to slip the malware).

2. You need to understand what version of windows it is from.
On the previous link there is a mention of the ShowKeyPlus program . Available in the widows store (I have a main laptop with 10k).
In my case, the key was from Win 8 RTM CoreSingleLanguage OEM: DM .

3. Downloading a suitable distribution.
In 2018, this is done like this . Those. Immediately download 8.1 SingleLanguage .

4. We write the image on the flash drive.
I used rufus-3.1p.exe (only because the Windows driver does not see the flash drive and dd will not work).

5. (Optional) Write ONLY the PID.txt file (having ei.cfg resulted in an error)

They say that the appropriate release will read the value from the BIOS itself, or ask it to be entered.

6. Boot into the flash drive and install the OS.

The Update : in kamentah recommend instead of all this to take advantage of media Conditions creation tool . Who will follow in my footsteps - may try to shorten the path. Specially take down the Windows to check, I'm not ready :)

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