Perl 6 developers: language ready to use


    On December 24 , a congratulatory entry appeared on the official Perl 6 development news blog . The developers congratulated everyone on the upcoming Catholic Christmas, and with the fact that the long-awaited growth of language has finally taken place. In fact, the language is ready for use in work projects, and the developers promise not to change anything significantly.

    28 years have passed since the release of the first version of Perl; more than 20 years have passed since the release of the most popular version of Perl 5 at the moment. As Larry Wall, the creator of the language and the leader in its development, jokes, the 6th version may someday replace the 5th - about 40 years later.

    The version of Perl 6 was announced more than 10 years ago - you can still buy a book on Amazonabout this "soon coming out" language, published in 2004. The development time can be explained by the fact that Perl 6 is, in fact, a new language written based on the 5th version. And although some argue that 6 differs from 5 no more than C ++ from C , nevertheless, the ideology in Perl 6 has evolved enough to call it a more modern language.

    Larry Wall hopes that teachers at the institutes can finally, using the same language, teach students different programming styles - functional, procedural, and object.

    The Perl 6 logo chose a fun butterfly. As (half-jokingly) Wall explained at a conference in October this year, This was done specifically to make the language attractive to 7-year-old girls. As an example of good advertising of YP among children, he recommended looking at Python.

    Wall noted that the main thing that unites the two versions of the language is a community of like-minded programmers who want languages ​​to be more or less interchangeable. For example, for Perl 6 there is an Inline :: Perl5 module, and for Perl 5 there is an Inline :: Perl6 module.

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