MOSDROID mitap in FunCorp

    November 10, together with MOSDROID, we will conduct an Android mitap. The program includes 5 reports from Sberteha, Yandex.Taxi, FunCorp, Lamoda and Joom.


    “MotionLayout: Introduction and Application”
    Pavel Apanovsky, Sbertech

    On Google I / O '18, a new Android animation engine was introduced - MotionLayout. Let us see what he is, how to use it, what is hidden under the hood, and is it necessary in the project?

    “How we maintain the stability of the Lamoda application”
    Vitaly Bendik, Lamoda

    Let's talk about what we mean by stability. What factors led to the violation of stability, how we fought with them and what we did to eliminate them.

    “Evolution of task planners”
    Alexey Makarov, FunCorp

    We will follow the development of tools for performing background tasks. Consider the problems that Google developers have solved when creating official tools. And what methods have been proposed by the Android community.

    "Just give me the icons in xml, and I will insert them"
    Sergey Krayushkin, Yandex.Taxi

    Consider why SVG is not always successfully converted to XML Drawable. To do this, consider what is VectorDrawable, look under the hood of the algorithms fill SVG. As a result, we will understand what Android is missing and how to live with it.

    “Litho in practice”
    Mikhail Rozumyansky, Joom

    Some time ago, Facebook presented the Litho library. Since then, not much has been heard about it, there are almost no examples of use, and it is extremely difficult to understand how this library works. In this report we will try to understand what prompted Facebook to develop this library, what tasks it solves and how. But that is not all! We will also look at the real problems that you are most likely to encounter when using Litho in a real project, and learn how to bypass them.

    4th Lesnaya Pereulok, d 4
    Let's start at 12:00.
    You can sign up here .
    Limited number of seats.

    For those who want to see reports remotely on our channel there will be an online broadcast.

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