Report on the conference Joker 2018

This is my first time at a major conference and in programming recently. I will not write about the reports, they have already written about them here . I will write about the impressions of the conference, the participants, the organization of the event and back it all up with photographs. I hope those who were not on the Joker will be able to feel the atmosphere a little.


I came to the conference from Moscow and was pleasantly surprised. At the exit from the Moskovskaya metro station there were girls with signs of “Joker 2018” and showed where free shuttles to Expoforum, which run every half hour, await us.

The next narrow neck of the conference, as I thought, could be registration. Here's how everything was with my colleague: he came up, waited less than a minute in the queue, showed a ticket, received a badge, a program, a package, everything. Whether the participants approached gradually, or the guys at the racks worked confidently and harmoniously, but the registration went quickly.

Thanks to the map in the program, I almost never got lost, and this is a success. So logistic 9 out of 10.

Sponsorship booths

The organizers singled out a huge hall for sponsors, where they conducted activities on their stands. Many sponsors gave participants a task. If you solve all the problems and leave your contacts, you could get prizes with the company's logo: T-shirts, columns, powerbags, covers, mugs, school bags, iPads.


Classmates for their booth made a cool addictive game. There it was necessary to conduct Duke on the playing field to the exit and to answer questions about Java that come across.

Hospitable girls from Innopolis happily talked about their city. Innopolis is a city in the Republic of Tatarstan, an analogue of Silicon Valley. There already live 3,000 people.


In principle, at any sponsorship booth one could ask how the company works, what technologies are used there and what projects are being created.

Demo zones

At the mini-scenes in the main hall at lunchtime and during breaks, 15-minute meetings were held, and in the evening sponsors played special prizes: gyroscopes, briefcases, iPads, and a trip to Innopolis.


Discussion areas

I liked the specially designated zones in the corridors where you can ask a question to the speaker after the performance. But Venkat Subramaniam was not limited to the discussion area, he could often be found in a corridor surrounded by a crowd.


A third of the reports was in English. It was difficult for me to listen to them live. This is not the same as watching lectures on YouTube, where hand-held auto-generated subtitles and Google-translator are in the next tab. But the report of Venkat and Josh Long listened with pleasure, because they are very cool speakers.


It is ridiculous that the most discussed report at the Java conference was the speech of Dr. Kurpatov. I do not know what this is connected with: the rest of the reports were super obvious or simply less controversial topics were touched upon, but from the report of the psychologist they bombed people notably.




BoF sessions

BoF stands for birds of a feather. That is, these are discussions where there is no division into participants and presenters - everyone communicates with each other on an equal footing. In moments when the discussion went far beyond the framework of the Bof theme, the speakers resembled the topic of discussion. For the rest, all participants communicated and could calmly cover their thoughts for conversation.


Disco for geeks

In parallel with the Bofami at 20:00 in the hall where there were dinners, a party was held. In short: the buzz, relaxation, enjoyment of wine, music and conversation with colleagues.


Talent show

After one of the reports in the chat it appeared that at 21:00 there will be a talent contest with Yevgeny Borisov. This was something no one expected - the cry of Borisov’s soul about the hard life of a developer in a poetic form to the accompaniment of a live violin. In general, enjoy:


I was so stoned by the entire conference that I was already on the way from Expoforum filled in a feedback form in which there were 100 questions. It was gorgeous, see you at the JPoint!

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