We invite speakers to the forum PHDays VI: tell us about your cyber war

    On December 3, Call for Papers opens in the program of the sixth international forum for practical safety Positive Hack Days, which will be held in Moscow on May 17 and 18, 2016 . The program committee considers applications for presentations with reports from both recognized experts in the field of information security and from beginning researchers.

    More often than not, cyber threat specialists have to find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades: competitive intelligence against DLP, security system developers against targeted cyberattacks, cryptographers against reversers, SOC against advanced hackers. In accordance with the new PHDays concept, we would like to reflect the objective state of the security industry in the format of Confrontation.

    From vulnerability researchers, we are waiting for reports on real threats and their possible consequences. From developers and integrators of security tools, we would like to hear not just stories about “innovative protection technologies”, but answers to these specific threats. Perhaps you came across little-studied cyber attacks and were able to deal with them in non-trivial ways? Tell us about your experience from the stands of PHDays.

    We are interested in any relevant areas of information security, whether it be methods of targeted attacks on industrial control systems or new threats in the microcosm of medical devices, vulnerabilities in public services or unusual ways to protect mobile applications, antisocial engineering in social networks or psychological features of work in SOC. In addition, this year we want to discuss the development of information security products, tools and principles of SSDL.

    The main thing in the application is the uniqueness of practical research, a fresh, truly hacker look at modern information technologies and their impact on our lives. Ready to offer something unexpected that does not fit into any of the formats? Anyway, send an application - we will definitely consider it.

    The first stage of CFP will last until January 31. Hurry up with the application - the number of reports falling into the final program is limited.

    Recall that in 2015, PHDays was visited by 3,500 people. In 2016, the forum expects more than 4,000 participants, including leading experts in the field of information security, CIO and CISO of the largest Russian and foreign companies, experts from banks, telecommunications, oil and gas, industrial and IT companies, and representatives of government departments.

    Over the years, the legendary cryptographer Bruce Schneier, the founder of asymmetric encryption, Whitfield Diffie, Datuk Mohd Noor Amin (IMPACT), Natalya Kasperskaya (InfoWatch), the American engineer and amateur radio operator Travis Goodspeed, the founder of China Eagle Union, Tao Wan, were the speakers and participants of PHDays. IPONWEB Nick Galbreth, Mushtak Ahmed from Emirates Airline, creator of Hydra, Amap and THC-IPV6 Mark Hoise, GSM network expert Carsten Null, Italian SCADA systems experts Donato Ferrante and Luigi Auryemma, developer of the John the Ripper utility Alexander Peslyak (Solar Designer) ) and many e other.

    All details about the format and rules of participation, as well as instructions for applying, can be found on the PHDays website at: www.phdays.ru/call_for_papers

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