JavaDay Voronezh 2015: details and video reports

    Voronezh Java developers have a tradition: every fall (for five consecutive years) they gather to talk about the most relevant and share experiences. And every year this meeting is organized by DataArt. This year, the JavaDay Voronezh conference was held in a new format - a chamber event for experienced programmers, more focused on practice than theory. The organizers decided to refuse reports for beginning developers in favor of a technical hardcore. And our javists, judging by the reviews, liked this format.

    The first speaker was Anton Krasikov, Solution Architect from the London office of DataArt. He talked about the Otto library and showed how to raise production for Java backend on a laptop.

    DeviceHive - Truly Everywhere! Colleagues from the Voronezh DataArt Nikolai Khabarov and Stanislav Sidorenko changed the temperature using Java and DeviceHive.

    Then the scene was taken by Scala developers. Anton Nekhaev from the DataArt office in Voronezh dedicated his speech to what everyone is talking about now - Spark.

    The last one was Pavel Popov with a story about the Parboiled library - a powerful alternative and a possible replacement for Scala Parser Combinators.

    Photos can be viewed here .

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