Resetting the limit of duty-free purchases will take a year and a half, if the decision is taken

    On the sidelines of the government continues the discussion of reducing the limit of duty-free purchases in foreign online stores to zero. This decision is being lobbied including by the Federal Customs Service of Russia. In September, its head, Timur Maximov, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that zeroing the threshold for duty-free entry would ensure equal conditions for Russian and foreign business.

    “When a store sells directly to a person, zero is necessary so as not to create an imbalance. It is also planned to extend to companies the requirements for the quality and safety of goods, create one simple legal regime and automate the control process. No delays, no difficulties, everything is clear and very simple, ”said Maximov.

    Now comment on the timing of the introduction of the limit gaveDmitry Nekrasov, Director of the Customs Law and Law Enforcement Practice Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). He also supports the introduction of a duty of 30% on all purchases regardless of their price.

    “I think that it’s not fast [the proposal can be implemented - Ed.], Since all such decisions are discussed for quite a long time, quite carefully taken, understanding the social consequences, public discontent. If it is accepted, then at least six months or a year will be required for implementation. You cannot make a decision today, but tomorrow you can say that everything has changed. Certain inertia will certainly be, ”he said in a RIA Novosti commentary.

    The discussion continues at the ECE site: “Discussions are underway on this issue. It should be noted that the attitude towards this proposal is ambiguous. When preparing the Customs Code, one of the significant differences was the size of the duty-free import rate for individuals. This issue has been widely discussed ... I recall this in order to emphasize how hard the discussions were then, and I think that they will be no less difficult even now if one of the parties comes forward with a proposal to extend such an initiative to the entire union. For my part, I want to note that this proposal deserves attention, ”added Dmitry Nekrasov.

    Now citizens can receive in the Russian Federation without paying duties a package of up to 1,000 euros per month and weighing up to 31 kg.

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