What Technologies Does Netflix Use

Original author: Chris Ueland
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We are constantly working to ensure that IaaS is simple and understandable even for those who have not encountered the IT field. To do this, we optimize all systems and talk about our experience in our blog on Habré.

A couple of examples:

Today we’ll talk about what technologies Netflix uses in its work. Chris Ueland spoke about this in his blog, and we analyzed his note . / Photo by Helge Thomas / CC Netflix was founded in 1997 and for a long time remained out of sight of the public. Today it reaches over 70 million viewers worldwide. One of the main factors leading to the rapid growth of the company is the ability to maintain the speed of scaling not only from a technological, but also from a cultural point of view. It's about organizational culture.

Many companies from all over the world come to visit Netflix, which eagerly acquaints visitors with how they work. This is what it is all about:

  • The company does not have a hard time tracking for performing certain tasks
  • To evaluate effectiveness, the result is important, and not so much the way to achieve it
  • The manual is aimed at creating a working atmosphere, and not at controlling all actions
  • The company decided to help colleagues and discuss difficult situations.
  • Netflix Against Regular Meetings and Agreements with Management

Today's Netflix is ​​built on Amazon's IT infrastructure. Here, all the available capabilities of the IaaS provider for storing dozens of versions of films and TV shows in various video resolutions and with various soundtrack quality are used.

In addition to the content itself, the organization of which is a separate topic, the company uses a fairly sophisticated technological stack , including Gluster, Cassandra, Hadoop and other technologies.

Netflix’s CDN works with major providers. Netflix Open Connect hardware runs on FreeBSD, nginx and uses The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon .

/ Photo by Jeffrey / CC

Netflix uses a whole group of algorithms. Part of it is aimed at the work of a recommender system, the other at personalizing individual elements of the service.

An open approach to work allows Netflix to engage thousands of IT professionals from around the world in its competitions to optimize the company's internal algorithms. Netflix Prize is one of them, and the company is not afraid to provide developers with its internal data.

The company published a list of open projects here . In addition, she actively maintains a technology blog .

PS A little about the work of our IaaS provider:

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