10 useful blogs for programmers in English

    There are tons of programming materials in the network, but how many of all this information are really good content? For those who are tired of updating TechCrunch and looking for interesting threads on Quora, we have compiled a list of 10 useful blogs about development in English. They contain important news, cool life hacks, detailed analyzes and practical experience of the authors-experts.


    1. https://www.thecrazyprogrammer.com/

    The Crazy Programmer appeared in 2012 as an attempt to help programmers and enthusiasts who are just interested in the topic, better master the material. The site is designed for beginners, but may be interesting and experienced developers. C, C, C ++, Java, .Net, Python, PHP, SQL, Android - here you can find useful information about almost any languages, platforms and technologies. Yes, the level of immersion in the topic is not the most impressive, but what a wide range of topics! In general, for the start - just right.

    2. https://www.codingdojo.com/blog/

    This is a coding dojo training camp blog. It should immediately be said: there is a lot of useful content, but, alas, not without advertising its own courses. This is understandable: training in Coding Dojo is quite expensive, and the organizers are trying to attract the audience with cool articles written by the camp instructors. In addition to practical tips for programmers, you can find in the blog a lot of good career advice for developers, industry news and inspirational insights received by the authors during their teaching and learning.

    3. https://www.raywenderlich.com/

    Programmer's blog, which has grown to a powerful community of specialists who regularly update the site with new information. The final database, compiled by thousands of developers, is divided into sections with paid and free content in two main areas: iOS & Swift and Android & Kotlin. There are also beta sections on the Unreal Engine and Unity. Separately pleased with the site interface: nice illustrations and an indication of the time it takes to read an article or watch a video.

    4. https://www.hanselman.com/blog/

    Another blog of the programmer, and with it the teacher, speaker and employee of Microsoft. Most of the materials are devoted to programming, UX, social media, gadgets and trends in development. In addition to the text blog, the author also maintains a channel on Youtube and three podcasts: the first is a technology show; the second is an essay about the life of a developer; the third is mostly pop culture dialogues.

    5. https://www.objc.io/blog/

    The Berlin Objc.io project focuses on useful content about iOS and OS X. Main topics: security, game development features, project localization, debugging and testing, MVVM. The authors not only blog, but also make videos for their audience. In addition, they have already released several books (mainly about Swift) - and, judging by the reviews, these books are also worthy of attention.

    6. https://davidwalsh.name/

    Initially, this blog, as the name implies, was created by David Walsh, a web designer, developer and evangelist of Mozilla. Later, other industry experts joined him as co-authors: together they make step-by-step instructions for newbies, write detailed reviews of various features for advanced programmers and publish demos for those who can't wait to try their hand at development.

    7. http://fiveaday.co/

    And another resource with a talking title. This is not exactly a blog - rather, something in between a news aggregator and a service with a subscription to a digest. The authors publish five materials on web design and development every day, and then collect them into a huge knowledge base, sorted by topic. On the site you can subscribe to updates and explore the archive of articles.

    8. https://jeremykun.com/

    Better blog about programming can only be a blog about mathematics and programming. Posted by Math Programming by Jeremy Kahn, Google engineer. His approach to development is characterized by a constant desire to use elegant mathematical solutions in programming. For this nontrivial passion, readers from all over the world love Jeremy's materials - in them popular (and not very popular) problems of developers appear in a new light and are solved in very unusual ways.

    9. http://myprogrammingblog.com/

    One of the most popular sites with step-by-step instructions for developers. Everything that newbies and experts with little experience need to know about ASP.NET, ActionScript, Github, C, Java, Oracle and PHP. In addition to useful educational materials, there are reviews of finished products and realized projects - for those who plan to learn not only from their own mistakes, but also from others.

    10. https://blog.codinghorror.com/

    Ironic blog of one of the most popular developers - Jeff Atwood. The one who, together with his partner Joel Spolsky, developed a system of questions and answers for Stack Overflow programmers. Jeff's list of interests is quite broad, but lately he has been paying a lot of attention to Ruby, because Now this language is learning.

    And what is useful for programmers in English you read? Share in the comments and we will collect another collection.

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