CONVERT Web Analytics and Internet Marketing Conference: Preliminary Program

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    Three weeks are left before the second professional conference on web analytics and Internet marketing CONVERT , which will be held in Yekaterinburg on December 7. This year, reports will go in 2 streams. We will talk not only about web analytics, but also about SEO, Performance Marketing and UX. The program is 80% ready, and you still have a chance to become a speaker. Under the cut: this year's preliminary program and information for those who want to speak.

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    CONVERT reports. 2015


    Dmitry Shkolnikov , an advertising product manager at Avito (who previously worked in the myTarget product development team) will tell the participants how to move from web analytics to mobile app analytics.

    Ruslan Savvotin from LitRes will give a report - a practical guide to usability testing for usability specialists, UX / UI designers, product managers, and for everyone who wants to conduct usability testing on their own, but don’t know where to start.

    How to find people? What kind of hardware and software should I use? What exactly to measure and how to interpret? How to arrange the process of usability testing itself? What to do with the results? How to use the results to compile new hypotheses? How to confirm this with quantitative research? How to understand how much money it can bring?

    Yuri Rybakov , head of analytics at iContext (Moscow), a certified specialist in Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, will teach you how to get started with LTV, cohorts and other user data that go to the company's website.

    As part of the report, tracking the user's life cycle throughout the entire interaction with the site, dividing users into specific groups and comparing their activity and behavior among themselves over a certain period of time, user analysis, and using it for further interaction with the audience will be considered.

    Also, the report will focus on the basics of using and configuring Google Analytics for LTV.


    CEO of Webprofiters (Moscow), a certified Google Analytics specialist, and regional speaker at the Google Partner Academy Dmitry Kolotov will talk about the practice of using the Measurement Protocol.

    In the report:
    • Principles of operation of the Measurement Protocol;
    • 10 problems of using the protocol in practice;
    • Ways to solve identified problems;
    • Bad advice;
    • Additional examples of using the protocol.

    Semyon Molotkov , a designer of Button interfaces, will tell you how they increased the conversion of their business service.

    • There was no experience, therefore, made all the mistakes that could be made;
    • Over six months they launched with a dozen landing pages, as a result of which they realized that all this time the conversion had to be considered differently;
    • It was possible to change the conversion by an order. Then it was possible to understand what really was not;
    • Understood with Google Analytics - what indicators to monitor and how often to do it;
    • Tried to understand where the client came from.

    The leading UX technologist at UBRD Alexander Oleshchuk will explain what requirements the business places on interfaces.

    • How to formulate business requirements for the interface and make a KPI basket from them?
    • How to understand the current state of affairs using web analytics systems and internal databases?
    • How to apply the acquired knowledge in the design of new interfaces?
    • How then to measure changes in KPI and feel success (or failure, then how it goes)?


    Dmitry Sulman , head of the Internet sales and promotion department of SKB Kontur , a certified Google Analytics specialist, will show how to configure advanced tracking in Universal Analytics using Google Tag Manager without involving developers.

    • Content Grouping by complex features;
    • Analysis of user interactions with content pages;
    • Enhanced e-commerce (Enhanced Ecommerce), including on "non-e-commerce" sites;
    • Other tricks.

    Alexandra Zolotova from Yandex will talk about everything new that has appeared over the year in Metric.

    Polina Bynova , Marketing Director at Ridero , will talk about “Paid traffic in the unit economics of the project.”

    Also there will be speakers: Maxim Uvarov (K50), Vladimir Teterin (Bookmate), Alexey Kulakov (JetStyle), Peter Kudinov (PromoShift).


    If you want to be a speaker

    There are still places in the program. Email us if you want to speak.

    We are waiting for experienced web analysts, Internet marketers, contextual advertising specialists, SEO and SMM specialists, agency and studio managers, project and portal managers. We want to formulate the program more complicated and “harder”: more examples that can be put into practice, less theory that can be read in manuals and blogs.


    Register here . Until November 10, the price is 4000 rubles.

    CONVERT.2015, Yekaterinburg, December 7, Novotel (Engels, 7).

    Come, we will be glad to see you!

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