How much does Habr + earn how to find out how much other companies earn

    Background: after last year we and the team closed down the company and had not yet begun work on a new one, we decided to update our old, but rather large, site with recipes. To understand how seriously it is to delve into working on it, I analyzed the data on the revenue of sites that also earn from advertising.

    This year has already released new data, which also decided to share. Revenues, expenses and profits are given in millions of rubles.


    Full version of the table in Google Docs


    Why count other people's money

    Benchmarking (from the English. Benchmarking), - benchmarking. Comparative analysis based on benchmarks is the process of identifying, understanding and adapting existing examples of the effective functioning of a company in order to improve its own work.

    Benchmarking helps to highlight those who grow best on the chosen KPI, to understand why they grow faster and to adopt their methods. Thanks to benchmarking in terms of revenue and traffic, we were able to quite successfully select priority tasks and, with limited resources, grow on traffic like this:

    In revenue terms:


    Where to get data for your research

    All data is public, obtained from official sources. Last year I used . But this year, they still have not posted new data (perhaps available in the API or on request). Therefore, I used the open data sets from the IFSN, which were published quite recently:

    After merging xml files and converting to SQL, it was enough to write one SQL query with last year's INN list to quickly get fresh data.

    Thanks to the use of IFTS data, information on the average number of employees of each company for the year has become available. But the tax inspectorate gives only dry figures of income and expenditure, without detailed data on financial statements, like the State Statistics Committee. I noticed that the data is often different from the data in counterparty checking services. If you need more accurate data, it is better to wait for the release from the State Statistics Committee.

    The IFSN has a set of , with which you can indirectly estimate the size of the wage fund and the average salary per organization.

    This year I did not parse data on their attendance for all sites and count ecpm, as it takes a lot of time, and the indicator is very specific, depends on many factors. I counted it only for a few sites that interested me.

    How to determine the TIN of the site

    To find information on a company, you first need to know its TIN or the exact name of the legal entity. I found almost all the correspondences of legal entities and websites last year (see the previous publication , plus there I described possible options for which the data may be inaccurate / incorrect).

    The most effective options for finding a legal entity on the site:

    • legal entity indicated on the site itself (in contacts, in the user agreement),
    • search by the names of the founders / executives of the company on sites with information about legal entities (preferably with the help of the operator "site:" in search engines),
    • search by site url on major job search sites, for example, .

    I welcome the initiative of the Federal Tax Service to open data, transparency reduces corruption and increases competition, from which the economy grows faster. I urge habrovchan too use open data. I'm not sure that you can publicly fumble the SQL file resulting from the merge and converting the xml files, write to the PM, I’ll give you an individual link on Yandex Disk.

    If someone knows how to get similar data from private companies in other countries - write in the comments! I heard that in Cyprus the financial statements are also public, but I found only the opportunity to make a request through an intermediary for 20 euros.

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