Another built-in spyware application found on Lenovo computers

Original author: Michael Horowitz / Computerworld
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A factory-restored Thinkpad with Windows 7 preinstalled in the scheduler has an application that turns on once a day and collects data about how you use your computer. After that, all information is sent to the analytics company. Information about data collection is present in the user agreement, but buried very deeply.

Over the past year, this is the third scandal over preinstalled spyware in which Lenovo is involved: first, the company was caught installing Superfish, which grossly violated user safety by installing a MitM certificate. Then they were caught loading into the BIOS of uninstalled self-installing software in a place intended for custom drivers.

This scandal is particularly noteworthy for the premium Thinkpad brand acquired from IBM.

It is worth noting that in the 21st century, if you are not ready to pay for a product, then you yourself are a product. In the case of Lenovo devices, it seems that even if you pay for the product, you still remain the product.

The task that made me pay attention to this is called the “Lenovo Customer Feedback Program 64”. The description in the planner reads: "This task uploads Customer Feedback Program data to Lenovo."

The task starts the Lenovo.TVT.CustomerFeedback.Agent.exe program located in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Lenovo \ Customer Feedback Program. Other files in this folder:

Lenovo.TVT.CustomerFeedback.Agent.exe.config, Lenovo.TVT.CustomerFeedback.InnovApps.dll and Lenovo.TVT.CustomerFeedback.OmnitureSiteCatalyst.dll.
According to Wikipedia, OmnitureIs an online marketing and web analytics firm, and SiteCatalyst is their client web analytics application.

It may be that ThinkPads do not show additional advertising, but monitoring data collection and tracking is underway.

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