DB crash on GitHub

    Today, after several attempts to create an Issue and write comments to existing ones, I’ve faced the fact that the post / comment is visually displayed and disappears after a reboot.


    As it turned out, the reason for the night crash on the GitHub servers:

    At 10:52 pm (10.21) UTC on several GitHub.com services, several network sections were affected and a subsequent database crash, which resulted in inconsistent information on our website. As a precaution, we have taken steps to ensure the integrity of your data, including suspending the operation of events (hooks) and other internal processing systems.

    We know how important our services are for your development workflows and we are actively working to create a calculated timeframe until full recovery. We will share this information with you as soon as it is available. During this time, the information displayed on GitHub.com is likely to be outdated; however, the data was not lost. Once the service is fully restored, everything should look as expected. In addition, this incident only affected website metadata stored in our MySQL databases, such as Issue and PR. Git repository data remains unchanged and available throughout the incident.

    We will continue to update the data and approximate time until the resolution of the problem through our status page: status.github.com/messages

    Let me remind you that last year a similar database failure (albeit with other causes and consequences) was at the GitLab service .

    PS At 22:00 (22.10) in Kiev - the work is still not fully restored.

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    Have you noticed a failure?

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