CoLaboratory: Android Night #Apple


    We are opening a series of Android meetings at Kaspersky Lab. At the first meeting we will discuss the career prospects of the mobile developer (where to develop “after”), customization of one application within different assemblies and try an experimental format - a round table on the psychology of the Android developer.

    What we discuss :

    In the first report we will discuss the career path of the developer. Junior, Middle, Senior, ... and then what? Timlid In his report, Alexander Blinov from HeadHunter will tell you what it means to be a team leader , what a team leader needs to do every day, what he should not do and what he will not do anymore. In addition, we will discuss what career paths exist for a developer under Android and how to understand what is necessary for you.

    Perhaps one day you will have to face the task when you will need to support different versions of your application, differing only in some lines, icons or colors. Sometimes this difference may lie in the different implementation of some part of the application. People call this application customization .
    KIS for Android has more than 20 customizations, so this task is particularly acute. How to make it convenient and flexible - Dmitry Movchan, an Android developer from Kaspersky Lab, will provide answers to these questions in his report .

    As the third report, we will try the format of the round table. Together with the practicing psychologist Anastasia Kalashnikova, we will discuss how to combine work and life so as to remain valuable in the labor market and not forget about yourself. How to find time for everything.
    Let's talk about the various practices of working with this issue and discuss the existing problems.

    And of course, the most important thing is that you will have a lot of communication and holivars for pizza and other snacks during and after breaks =)

    Registration is required: here !

    Link to the broadcast will appear here the day before the mitap.

    Address : Moscow, Leningradskoye Shosse, 39A, p.2 of Olympia Park business center (Vodny Stadium)

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