I'm not a camel or too vigilant google

Once, bored at home on the weekend, it occurred to me to write an application for the gaming community in which I am a member. When the code was written, tested, everything worked fine - it's time to publish on the Play Store. It was always a problem for me to draw graphics. Therefore, I took everything from our forum. I clicked the "publisher" button, and after 10 minutes my application was in the bath!

The story under the cut.

Act I: Google plays white

After the shock subsided, I began to understand. This was my 2nd (in the history of publication on the Play Store) application, and before even getting lost, it fell under the autobahn. No specific reason has been indicated. Something about copyrights and about the fact that it is trying to impersonate what it is not (sorry, I did not save the original text).

I had our logo on the icon and in the "Feature Graphic", with the name of the project (game). I sinned on him. I thought: they banned me for copyright, because my application, in their opinion, is trying to mow under the game.

So, I am writing a ticket, explaining what my application is, I try to focus on the fact that it is not profitable for a narrow circle, and is in no way connected with the game, except that we (the community) play it.

Google's automatic response
Dear Google Play Developer,

Thanks for getting in contact with Google Play. Your appeal has been submitted successfully and will be reviewed by a specialist. The ticket number for your appeal is referenced in the subject of this message, and you should receive a response from us within 72 hours.

Please refrain from sending duplicate appeals as this will not reduce response time.

The Google Play Team

Friday evening, 72 hours. The answer was received on Monday, after lunch.

Act II: an unexpected turn

Support Answer
Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your reply. We appreciate the opportunity to review your appeal pertaining to the removal of your app from Google Play.

We were not able to validate your account's relationship to the original content or brand owner. (http://blooddesert.com/) In order for us to process your appeal, please reply with verifiable documentation that your application is authorized. Please be advised we will not be able to respond or reinstate your application without the above documentation.

We appreciate your assistance and look forward to your reply.

The Google Play Team

"What?" - at that moment, this is the first cultural word in my head. The whole logo, and the name of the game to do with it? As so, I know who drew the graphics for the forum, and I know that they drew it, from scratch. I know but check, I was assured that the logo is entirely ours.

How to prove Google that this is our logo?

Praise the Internet, he let us down, he saved us! A small analysis of the site sent in the letter showed the following:
- Judging by the page header, they are pirates.
- Judging by whois, the domain was registered in 2015
- Their site is dead, the first and last post - May 7, 2015
- Our site was kindly stored in a web archive, and in 2014 the subject logo was already appearing on its main page.

My letter to google

My community site is murr-bd.ru , and this logo was created by our member. (http://blooddesert.com/) just use it. We don't register any rights for this logo. Why you think that (http://blooddesert.com/) is original owner?

At last Black Desert is Pearl Abyss game, Korean publisher is Daum, Russian publisher is GameNet. blooddesert.com have "Black Desert Private Server" in site head, so they are pirates. And this site is dead puu.sh/jUQN9/f3765085b4.png last post in 7 May 2015 ... My app is non profit tool for my community in this game (Black Desert), and do not trying impersonate for what it is not.

I have this web.archive.org/web/20140729043817/http: //murr-bd.ru/ it is a pruf that we have this logo in 2014, and according to whois blooddesert.com domain Creation Date: 11-feb-2015.

Act III: victory

Fortunately, this time I did not have to wait 72 hours. The answer was given the next day.

Google answer
Hi Ivan,

Thanks for contacting the Google Play Team.

We've accepted your appeal and your app has been reinstated. For the app to appear in the Play Store, you'll need to sign into your Developer Console and submit your app again.

At this time we will not be enforcing on the use of the logos within your app, but please note that we will take action if we receive formal complaints from the copyright holders.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks for supporting Google Play!

Fortunately for me, but not in favor of this article, they did not demand proof of my involvement in the community and the community site.
Although this option was being worked out, we planned to send an email from the domain, add my contact details to the site page so that I could associate it with my PlayStore account.

Act IV: Final

“Is it better to overtake than not to overtake?” People

So, this whole story seems to me delirium. Google, on the one hand, does the right thing by protecting application authors from people trying to cash in on their name. But on the other hand, for some reason, Google considers tech who is not the owner of the content. I don’t know the algorithms of their work, but it seems that by scanning the content on the sites, they consider the owners of those whose content was primarily indexed. Not registered in any way, but just appeared earlier (according to Google)! Anywhere on the Internet!

And even if you posted your logo on your site, and your site considers Google to be the owner (is there an open registry?), You are not immune from the fact that Google will not be able to link your developer account on the Play Store with the site “owner” and your application will not will fly away into the autobahn. And they will require a document confirming that you are not a camel, your right to use the content, your own content.

In any case, if you are sure that you are right, you need to fight!

Thoughts on the topic “how to avoid:”
- draw new logos / banners / graphics for your applications?
- How do I notify Google about the connection of your site with your account on the playstation?
- upload their work to repositories with a date stamp?
- not develop an android application?

The reasons for this behavior of Google were perfectly described by khim in his answer.

You can check your schedule before publishing using the Google image service .
Here is an example of checking the logo from this article. The issuance is different for different regions (.com, .com.ru, com.ua). Re-indexing for 1-2 days (last day the results were different, the "enemy site" prevailed in the results)

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