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    Coming to an end is a great vacation time. We hope that you have managed to gain strength in order to begin to realize all your goals! Our team also had a great rest and is ready to do even more interesting things for you! But, before moving on to the story of the coming year, we suggest that you recall how many interesting things were in this.

    We talked a lot, not only online, but also personally, at conferences. Undoubtedly, the most striking event of the past year is the Microsoft Developer Tour ! We are incredibly glad that we were able to visit so many cities of our large country, as well as neighboring countries - Belarus and Kazakhstan, and personally meet with thousands of developers. Indeed, there was a very significant reason for this. In October 2014, Microsoft announced a new operating system -Windows 10 and the new version of the powerful development environment Visual Studio 2015 . Visit the #msdevtour website to recall how it was and to see reports of reports.

    Another significant event of the year that has become regular and traditional is DevCon . This year the conference celebrated its anniversary - for 5 years we have been gathering developers at the end of May in a beautiful suburban complex so that for two days they can immerse themselves in the development atmosphere under the Microsoft platform, find out all the latest news, communicate with world experts and like-minded people, just have a good time! Interesting? Records of the reports of the DevCon 2015 conference are available here .

    Last year, we touched on the topic of monetization of applications and mobile business opportunities in general at the Russian App Day conference . The real business sharks spoke at the event :) These topics remain relevant today, especially during the crisis, which, as you know, is a time of new opportunities and an engine of new ideas. Records of reports from Russian App Day you can see here .

    Hackathons allow not only to listen, but also to work on their heads and hands, in which developers create their own projects in 48 hours. The most popular, according to tradition, are game hackathons! The theme of games in Russia is developing especially rapidly and we are happy to support all new projects and help the emergence of exciting games on hackathons. We had a hackathonas part of the CWI (Game Developers Conference), we made an excellent hackathon together with our friends and partners, the GamesJam platform ! One of the results of our special attention to the game industry was the second consecutive victory for Russia in the Games category at the international competition Imagine Cup . The IzHard team with the OVIVO game , which became the winner of IC 2015, appeared as a team at one of our hackathons!

    Not everyone is able to attend our offline events, so we actively communicate with you and online on the following resources:
    • Educational free portal Microsoft Virtual Academy . It contains hundreds of courses on Microsoft technology. A list of the most popular courses over the past year can be found below:
    • The main portal for developers is MSDN . It contains all the relevant information about Microsoft technologies. You can find there all the necessary documentation, links to download development tools, code examples, ask your question on the forum. Also on the portal all basic information about upcoming events, contests and promotions is available.
    • We actively communicate with you in our groups for developers on FB , VK , Twitter , Instagram . If you want to find out all the latest news quickly, then be sure to join our communities! You can also leave your questions or feedback in our groups.
    • A global resource - Channel 9 - you can always find all the reports from our conferences on it.
    • MSDN Newsletter - if you want to receive all the Microsoft news for developers in the regular newsletter format, just subscribe to it. Every two weeks we send a selection of interesting articles, videos, and also inform our subscribers about all relevant events.
    • International Loyalty Program - DVLUP! If you are developing applications for the Microsoft platform, you can earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes! Sign up for the DVLUP program and join the community of active developers around the world.

    Last year was very bright for events and announcements, but the coming year promises to be no less interesting! We open it with an event that has become traditional for us - Windows Camp . Of course, this Windows Camp will be dedicated to the release of the new Windows 10 OS! Registration for the event is already closed, but you can watch the online broadcast of the event on September 10 at 10:00 Moscow time.

    If you are a student, write your story in the Imagine Cup international contest ! For the second year in a row in the games category, the first place goes to the team from Russia. Maybe next year you will be the winner?

    Once again, we congratulate you on the start of the academic year, and someone has a business year, let it be successful, full of projects and new ideas that will surely be possible to implement, no matter what!

    We will be glad to meet you personally and on the Internet!

    Your Microsoft Russia Technical Audience Team

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