Leaving NetApp Storage Systems from the Cluster

    Adding NetApp FAS storage systems to the cluster is very simple:
    Cluster interconnect ports are connected to the switch and the command is executed:
    cluster setup

    And how to get a node out of a cluster?

    Removing nodes from the cluster

    It may be necessary to remove a node from a cluster in a wide variety of cases. An illustration of this can be if you have a cluster consisting of, for example, FAS8020 and FAS2240 / 255x systems and you want to convert the second into a shelf in order to connect it to 8020.

    To do this, you need :
    • Remove or migrate volumes from aggregates located on disconnected nodes, including MDV system volumes
    • Remove or migrate LIFs from nodes that will be disabled. SAN LIFs can not be migrated (after all, you most likely have multipasing configured) or they can be migrated offline
    • Change home ports on LIFs if they point to ports of a disconnected node
    • Remove ports of disconnected nodes from manually created failover-groups
    • Remove ports of disconnected nodes from manually created broadcast-domain'ov
    • Just delete the ports of disconnected nodes from portset'ov or create new portset'y, replace the old ones with new ones in igroups, then delete the old ones
    • Turn off High Availability for the group in which the disconnected node is located, be sure to delete both nodes of the HA system (in turn)
    • If the units on disconnected nodes have system volumes for audit logs, turn off CIFS audit
    • If necessary, from advanced mode, move epsilon to a node that will not be deleted

    cluster1::> vserver audit delete -vserver vsm01
    cluster1::> storage failover modify -node clA-01 -enabled false
    cluster1::> storage failover modify -node clA-02 -enabled false
    cluster1::*> set -privilege advanced  
    cluster1::*> cluster show
    cluster1::*> cluster modify -node clA-02 -epsilon false
    cluster1::*> cluster modify -node clA-04 -epsilon true
    cluster1::*> cluster unjoin -node clA-02

    Then you will see the following message:
    cluster1::*> cluster unjoin -node clA-02
    Warning: This command will unjoin node "clA-02" from the cluster. You
             must unjoin the failover partner as well. After the node is
             successfully unjoined, erase its configuration and initialize all
             disks by using the "Clean configuration and initialize all disks (4)"
             option from the boot menu.
    Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
    [Job 32] Cleaning cluster database[Job 32] Job succeeded: Cluster unjoin succeeded    

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