Turing game

    We all know " Turing Test ". In its classic version, a person and a car answer the judge's questions, and the judge does not see the respondents and should only guess from the answers who is who.

    About this test, even filmed a short feature film "Who is behind the wall." It can be said, fantastic, because the action on the plot takes place at the end of 2000, and it was shot, for a minute, in 1977. If you haven’t seen it - you’ll see it, and it’s necessary until the end - as it should be in a short film, the outcome will be unexpected.

    Who is behind the wall. Centrnauchfilm. 1977

    So, the film was an interesting way to select participants in the test - they were selected among the subscribers of the city telephone network at random and answered questions from home online. With the video, the movie is fantastic. I thought, it would be nice to sift a similar test using modern technologies, namely, chat technology, in the same Telegram, for example.

    The idea is as follows:

    1. Each participant connected to the bot can take on the role of the player answering the questions, or the judge asking these questions.
    2. If a participant chooses to be a judge, the bot randomly selects a player for him - either among human players, or by connecting a robot. That is, here I have a difference from the standard Turing test - there is always one responder in the game, and the judge only asks questions to him. It was possible to make two, but it seemed to me that it would be difficult to synchronize them.
    3. If a participant chooses to be a player, then the bot likewise seeks him as a member of a participating judge.
    4. Just like in the movie, the game is divided into rounds of 5 questions. At the end of each round, the judge decides with whom he communicates, with a person or with a car. If he can not decide, then he can stop the game or start a new one.
    5. There is no participant video, of course. The technique may have come to that, but I am not.
    6. Since I have a simple, silly robot, he plays the role of a little boy, Misha, of five years old. In order for the judge not to facilitate the task, it is recommended that the human player also respond on behalf of Misha, show imagination.

    Link to the @StandardTuringTestBot bot , in the mobile application you need to type this name in the search bar.

    For the purity of the experiment, I will tell you about how this is arranged later, otherwise the knowledge of the inside of the bot will immediately give an understanding of what issues can determine who is behind the wall.

    Upd : Continuing - " What the Turing Test actually checks "

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