Friday Help: 5 tools for the novice PHP developer

    Programmers know how much supporting tools can speed up the development process, making life easier for the specialist. We decided to publish small collections describing such tools on Fridays. In small portions, so as not to overload you. On the eve of the weekend, complex information is not perceived too well, but the small collections that make life easier are what the doctor prescribed.

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    xDebug . If for some reason you are not using a debugger, please try to change your decision. You can start with xDebug - this is one of the best tools for PHP, print_r ($ VAR); exit (); just a time shredder. xDebug helps to cope with all this, the tool is just a magic wand, which is indispensable in our work.

    PHPStorm . A good IDE is just a must have for any developer. You can take a long time to holivarit about what is better and what is worse, but instead of disputes, you should just try PHPStorm. It helps with integration and provides an overall increase in productivity. Well, given the presence of an active community, the choice becomes almost obvious. And yet - the local plugin library is huge.

    xhprof & flame graphs. If you need to understand which part of the code slows down the program, then xhprof and flame graphs are just perfect candidates for helpers. Yes, official xhprof support may have been discontinued, but there are a large number of forks that continue to live. Flame graph is one of them.

    PHPUnit is the perfect tester tool. The best is simply not found. There is simply nothing more to say.

    PHPCS / PHPCPD / PHPMD are excellent tools for improving code quality. You can find mistakes in the work of any professional, and this tool will help you get rid of them.

    Actually, that's all for today: if you have any own recommendations regarding the tools for the developer - unsubscribe in the comments, everyone will thank you.

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