Fresh cuts for the 2nd quarter of the popularity of CMS-systems, counters / analytics systems and online consultants

    Hello, Habr! Based on the analytical project Ruward: Track, we publish the next batch of fresh data on the popularity of various Runet platforms / services. The study was based on automatic analysis by the crawler of about 5 million domains of the .RU zone (according to standard service signatures).

    Fresh cut on the popularity of CMS-systems


    Wordpress shows rapid growth, Jooma - rapid decline, Bitrix - moderate growth. It is also worth noting the general parameters of the collection - a total of 4,901,485 (+ 0.19%) domains of the RU zone were interviewed. CMS was found in 23.7% (+ 1.1%) of domains. The share of paid circulation CMS is approximately 13.2% of the total share of detected CMS, and the share of highly specialized * is 6.8%.

    Rating distribution of popular counters and analytics systems


    The metric continues to grow (+ 1.3%), LiveInternet loses 2.5%, GA also falls - by 2.4%. Metric’s share is already approaching two-thirds of the market (among sites where at least one counter is found).

    Ranking distribution of popular online consultants based on site rank


    * Data for August 2015 The

    rating of the service is calculated based on the ratio of the total points of sites that use this solution to the total points of all analyzed sites. The score for each particular site is calculated using the formula score = e yandexRang , where yandexRang is the Yandex rank, ranging from 0 to 6.

    Thank you for the work on the study to our colleagues from iTrack , and for the additional server capabilities for analyzing the status of Telecom Telecom .

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