Actor Open Messaging Platform from Telegram Developer


    Our team recently released a small product - an open platform for creating instant messengers - Actor Messaging Platform .

    Just a few days after the launch, we found ourselves on the main Hacker News (which of the developers do not read in vain), on Reddit and collected more than 600 stars on GitHub from developers from around the world. We have a small community, whose members help each other to work and improve the product. One of the participants has already implemented several important things necessary for the Actor. For example, fairly high quality calls.

    If you want to raise your platform, you can do this very simply with the help of two commands in Docker. Also, you can immediately go to the Actor Open Source group and ask for advice on working with the platform (communication is in English).

    We also conducted an experiment and created public groups to discuss various issues around technological projects. Even I, a person who has been programming for Android for more than 6 years, have learned something new for myself. Surely you can.

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