Unpleasant conversation, herpetologist and complete surprise

    - Sergey, welcome. Sit down.

    The owner was gloomy. The eyebrows are flattened, the movements are sharp, a severe grimace stiffens on the face. The call to the meeting was a complete surprise, and Sergei could not understand what was the reason for it. In addition, his thoughts were far away - the last two days he had been working on the task of forming bar codes, in total immersion, without really delving into what was happening around. Stas took care of the entire routine.

    - What happened, Evgeny Viktorovich? - Sergey asked cautiously, sitting down opposite the owner.

    - Tell us about the progress of the project at the warehouse.

    Evgeny Viktorovich asked this question without looking at Sergey. Bad sign Sergey had an unpleasant chill on his back, palms were sweating frantically - it’s good that he managed to shake hands with the owner earlier.

    - Everything goes according to plan. - the tongue moved heavily in a parched mouth. - Now I am engaged in automation of control.

    “With barcodes?”

    - BUT?

    This is the only thing Sergey could say. Here is a cudgel, he thought. Confused, like a schoolboy, whose mother found cigarettes in her pocket. But where does he come from ...

    - How will the barcode help clean up the warehouse? - Evgeny Viktorovich, finally, turned to Sergey and stared at him point-blank.

    - Barcode is an essential element of the system we are building. - Sergey mumbled.

    And then he thought - no, not so. You can not pretend that it should be. How does he know? In the working version of the barcode system is not yet, with no one discussed.

    - Where do you know about barcodes? - plucking up courage, Sergey asked carefully.

    - Sergey, I am the owner. I know everything, or almost everything that happens in a company. Details are not important, let it be my secret. Another bothers me.

    Yevgeny Viktorovich paused, still looking intently at Sergei. As if he wanted him to guess what was bothering him there. Sergey decided to keep quiet so as not to start a meaningless quiz.

    - When you volunteered to do this project, do you remember what you said?

    - What will do it.

    - It's clear. I, if you remember, then doubted. You are a programmer, but in such a project you have to be something, or something else - wider, bigger, more active. Work with people, rebuild processes, negotiate, convince. And what do I hear now? Again about automation.

    Sergey was silent. The meaning of the conversation became obvious, and one question remained - where would he lead. Removed from the project? Removed from project management? What to say? Try to convince? Butt?

    - Sergey, the project is very important. - interrupted the thoughts of the programmer Yevgeny Viktorovich. - And I, as his customer, have reasonable doubts about success. I am sure that the automation does not restore order.

    - Evgeny Viktorovich. - hell, his mouth was dry. I had to pause for a couple of seconds to restore my ability to speak. - With all due respect ... You mentioned our conversation here, but there still sounded different.

    - What exactly?

    - Non-standard approach. I said that I know how to put things in order. And I do not refuse my words. I still know how to do it. And I did not say that I would manage with automation and bar codes alone. I didn’t say anything yet, but now we are pulling the phrase out of context, and we are trying to discuss the project’s progress on it. Not even a phrase, but one word - these unfortunate barcodes.

    The more Sergey said, the more he gained confidence. The owner was silent for now, and the programmer decided to take advantage of this by continuing the pressure.

    - You judge what I do, on scraps of information. Moreover, it is not clear where they came from. What did they tell you about the barcode?

    - I do not understand ... - the owner was a little taken aback.

    - Well, did someone tell you about him? What exactly? What words sounded there?

    “Not literally, but ... What did you decide to establish order by entering bar coding?”

    - Where? Where am I going to apply it?

    “Where I am from ... Listen, Sergey.” - the owner abruptly changed the tone, and the minute confusion disappeared like a hand. - Are you trying to catch me in words? What kind of conversation are we having with you now?

    - I do not know, Evgeny Viktorovich. Someone has misplaced something for you, it is unclear for what purpose, and I have to sit and make excuses.

    At first, Sergei portrayed the offense artificially, but now it has become real.

    - I do not want you to make excuses. - the owner relented. - I just want to understand what is happening.

    - I will have a big request for you: if you want to know what is happening, ask me.

    - Listen, Sergey ... - Evgeny began to lose his temper. - You, by chance, star fever has not started? No one hears us, so for the first time, I will confine myself to oral remarks. Don't talk to me like that. The fact that I entrusted you with the project does not mean that you can act autonomously, and even more so - to snap and teach me how to lead. And the company, and the project, and you.

    - Evgeny Viktorovich. - Sergey gathered will into a fist. - I either do the project as I see fit, or do not do it at all. For that matter, I'll quit. But I will not work on the patterns of those who already, sorry, pissed away this task. And I do not care who and what he thinks. If you show me at least one person who in a single process has brought a clear, manageable and stable order, I will gladly take an example from him. But as long as only intriguers, cap-shooters, effective managers and other senseless characters walk around me, and around you, I will act as I see fit. What is the point of listening to those who have not done a damn good for the company?

    - I do not like your tone, Sergey.

    - I also do not like my tone, Evgeny Viktorovich. I thought that I would be engaged in business, and not participate in intrigues. I do not know how, I am a programmer. And I know my business. Intrigue order is not induced.

    - What is the suggestion?

    - System management, alignment and control of processes, a clear course of action, transparency, automation and measurement.

    - The words are clear and correct, but ...

    - This is the “but”, Evgeny Viktorovich, and interferes. Ask any manager of yours, from effective ones, he will enumerate the same words, and this also adds “but”. But garbage is everything, but the main thing is people, but everything will be rested against the will of the leadership, but the staff will not be redone, but still they will spoil everything, but I did everything I could.

    “Yes, I understand what you are saying, but ...” the owner relented.

    - What is "but"? - Sergey asked with a smile.

    “Hmm ...” Evgeny Viktorovich smiled in response, but then he became serious again. - But you and me understand. All your words sound beautiful, and, nevertheless, there is a “but”. I can not, do not want, I will not act blindly. You said that you would quit - it’s beautiful, of course, it sounds, and the gesture will be spectacular, but ... What should I do then? Again, someone from the managers to assign? Another programmer? Consultants call? Do yourself? How long will this go on? And you will be in other companies, at interviews, tell what a fine fellow you are, how great it was, and then fell victim to intrigue and politics.

    Sergey became thoughtful. About the dismissal, he really got excited. It turned out that he was a kind of muslin lady, who could not be touched with a finger - he would immediately burst into tears and run away.

    - About the dismissal, I did not mean it. - He tried to explain. “I'm not going, and I don't want to leave.” Just wanted to indicate that I, like you, play all-in. I'm not looking for alternate paths, not laying straws, not making any friends in the company who will save me. There is only me, and the project.

    - Perhaps in vain. - the owner again turned to the window. - I'm talking about friends. And politics, and intrigue. I will give you advice if you will allow (Evgeny Viktorovich turned, looked at Sergey and smiled). Do not ignore the policy. Otherwise, you will always be offended, reticent, engineer hating the whole world. I am not saying that politics should be loved, but it should be understood and used for its own purposes. Some tasks are much easier to solve by talking to people. For example, we would not have had this conversation, if you understood it is necessary to keep the leader informed about the work. Now, I hope you understand that?

    - Yes.

    “Then the conversation wouldn't have happened at all.” When she ... Well, in general, someone would come to me and start to say something about your work, I would know what to say because I would have information. You must anticipate the development of events, keep in mind the entire map of the area, with roads, swamps and places for ambushes. Then you will become a really cool manager.

    - Cool? - Sergey smiled. - Or effective?

    - Call it what you want. - the owner shrugged.

    - And if I do not want? Manager become. After all, you have painted the portrait of an ordinary manager, right? Who knows everything about everyone, participates in all intrigues, everywhere he has acquaintances, debtors, and so on. He does his best to remain a manager and, on occasion, to rise upwards. But he lacks one thing - he does not know how to work. Unless, of course, not to consider work that this is all that you have called politics.

    Evgeny Viktorovich sighed, looked down at the table and began to look at his fingers. Sergey also looked at these fingers - well-groomed, thin, without a single flaw. Interesting, is it a manicure? Or whatever it is called ...

    - I do not know what to answer you. - the owner has lifted eyes. - It seems you are right, but the feeling that I am talking to a romantic young man does not leave me. Or Don Quixote. Of course, any owner and manager dreams of an employee who is able to restore order, improve performance, move the company forward, and at the same time completely devoid of career and political aspirations. But does that happen?

    - I do not know. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - But the absence of such people among friends does not mean that it is not necessary to try. I will try to become so. Career, in the traditional sense, is not interesting to me. Well, there to become a cool manager, sit at meetings, puff out his cheeks, pour in clever terms, yell at subordinates and so on, from the recruitment of an effective manager. In the end, arguing purely mercantile, there are very many such people.

    - Well, yes, this is a red ocean. - nodded the owner. - With strict laws, rules ... Or rather, without rules.

    - I'd rather swim in the blue ocean. There is nobody there. Programmers are in their red ocean, managers are in theirs. And to put things in order, to make the processes effective, I am not able to either or the other. So let them swim, bite and fight. And I'll do it.

    - Good. - Evgeny Viktorovich decided to stop the conversation. - Did you hear my promise?

    - Yes, and not one.

    - Good. - smiled the owner. - I hope we will no longer have such conversations.


    - Yes, Pebble, who else ...

    After a meeting with the owner, half an hour had passed, and Sergey could not calm down. From talking about the boss, the mood was getting worse, emotions were boiling, I didn’t want to work. Inside was an unpleasant, oppressive emptiness. Not to say that it was as if the knife had been thrown into the back — nevertheless, Galina was more likely to belong to the category of enemies, but Sergey’s inexperience in corporate games made itself felt — every such case was a mess for a long time.

    “Maybe not her?” - cautiously asked Stas.

    - Who else? Are you? As soon as she found out ...

    - Well ... - Stas shrugged. - Well, to hell with her, let's do the project. What we have next?

    - I do not know. - Sergey closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair, threw back his head. - What's the difference?

    - Well, I'm interested. Here you did barcodes. Did by the way?

    - Yes. Everywhere prokinul, on all warehouse documents. Paper painted.

    - What are the next steps? What are you planning?

    Sergey was silent. I did not want to think about work. What the hell are the steps? With Galina have a fight to go? What's the point? She otmazhtsya shark old. You start to stick to the wall, crush, argue, arrange a tantrum - to her, as a woman, this technique is available.

    - Well? Why are you silent?

    - I do not want to talk.

    - Yes, good you are! Dropped out like ... Come on, pull yourself together, a rag! Get off the machine!

    - In terms of?

    “Well, like in Love and Doves, remember?” Throw dumki something on the farm. There you will hitch something up, you can do something about it ... And longing will pass.

    Sergey attentively looked at Stas for a few seconds. Maybe he is right? Dropped, really ...

    - Okay. - Sergey abruptly jumped up from the chair. So sharply that in the eyes at first darkened, and then glowing points floating in the air became visible. Damn, that was not enough ... Sergey closed his eyes, stood for a minute, holding on to the wall. Opened - it seems light, stars do not fly.

    - So. - Sergey began in a slightly extinct voice. - There are barriers. Need to buy a scanner. Order? You said you figure it out.

    - And then! What do you want? Stationary? Wireless?

    - The cheapest, easiest, with the connection over the wire. He will stand at Dasha, in the warehouse. And wait ... Just do not connect it right away - first to me. Otherwise I did the barcodes, but I didn’t even check how they are scanned.

    - Got it. - Stas nodded and wrote something down in a detachable notebook with a beautiful logo in the form of a cube.

    - Good. Next you need to determine the point where this scanner will work.

    - What is it like? You said that Dasha will have it.

    - I'm not talking about physical points, but about control points, in the process. We also need a barcode not to identify documents, but to check the paper with the system, by checksum.

    - What?

    - Damn, Stas, do not be stupid. We discussed this two days ago.

    - Hmm ... Maybe I misunderstood what ... I thought for identification.

    - Oh mother honest. - Sergey sighed. - If you don’t understand where to him ...

    - To whom?

    - No one. All right, the rest later. Order a scanner.

    - Good.

    Sergey sat down at the computer, opened the development environment and started poking around in the code.

    - Listen, I can go on a personal matter? - asked Stas.

    - In terms of?

    - Well, there it is ... Buy something that is necessary.

    - What do I have to do with this? I'm not your boss. Go, I do not mind.

    - You cover, if what?

    - Yes.

    Stas got up, straightened his clothes, shoved a smartphone in his pocket and, slowly, went to the exit.

    What's next, what's next ... Sergei tried to focus on work, but his thoughts all the time ran off into the distance - where the gloomy owner was talking about politics, intrigues, swamps and the project.

    The sensations were twofold. On the one hand, being an introvert by the popular classification, Sergey terribly, fiercely, wholeheartedly resisted. On the other hand, he understood that, at least in part, Yevgeny Viktorovich was right. But to connect these two poles did not work.

    But the brain engineer did not want to give up. Any task has a solution - he said. Even if it lies in the field of human relations, and not in the software code and chips.

    Policy will have to do, but how? Get into trust, make friends, flatter, threaten, collect dirt? Lord, what a disgusting words ... As if talking about the inhabitants of the terrarium - vile, disgusting, slippery reptiles. And they like someone ... They study them, grow them, set up experiments.

    Listen ... - Sergey said to himself. Maybe in this salt? The key, guess the approach? So, as they are called ...

    Sergei opened the browser, spent a few minutes on surfing, and finally found what he was looking for. A herpetologist is a scientist who studies amphibians and reptiles. Scientist, engineer, programmer - in essence, what's the difference? This same herpetologist knows about the gadgets all that is possible. But he does not climb into the terrarium himself, does not eat flies, does not shed his skin.

    Sergey liked the idea so much that he even began to smile. From the side, probably, looked very stupid, but who cares? There was no one in the office.

    I will study these reptiles as a scientist. - Sergey argued with himself. The word, of course, stupid - reptiles, gives a sense of their own superiority, which Sergei did not have. Or was it? Life will show.

    So, where to start ... Read something on this topic? Reluctance ... Damn! Why read if a suitable reptile, or rather a reptile, sits on the floor above? We must go, watch!

    And the reason? You will not come just like that, given the extremely strained relations ... So, the reason, the reason ...

    Sergey opened the task management system, looked at the list of not accepted into the work. Over the past two days, while picking with barcodes, the list has grown significantly - Stas could not take on some of the tasks. A little thought, Sergei chose one that was from Galina. I read it, tried to understand it - it was not always easy, Galina did not differ in the ability to clearly set tasks for programmers, because she herself was not. But, in this case, the muddled description of the requirements played into the hands - many questions appeared. Here you can discuss them!

    After printing, just in case, the text of the task, Sergey went to the second floor. Inside, a pleasant feeling flared up - a discoverer, a researcher, and another, unfamiliar before, feeling like a conscious provocateur.

    When he reached Galina's office, Sergey knocked on the door. Hearing a loud, annoyed "Yes!", Entered.

    In the office, at a huge table, sat Galina. On the contrary, Stas was sitting in the visitor’s chair.

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