GitHub announced its own CI / CD and began distributing invites.

    At the last GitHub Universe, the company announced a lot of different things, but most of all I was hooked by their own CI / CD solution. Based on Docker, it can collect and execute containers on push to the repository, the appearance of a new ticket, the creation of a release. here you can leave a request for participation in the public beta, Microsoft will issue invites in small batches. Under the cut - my speculation than such a thing can be useful to us with live GitLab and CircleCI.

    In the announcement on TechCrunch an interesting phrase was heard:
    I see CI/CD as one narrow use case of actions. It’s so, so much more,” Lambert stressed. “And I think it’s going to revolutionize DevOps because people are now going to build best in breed deployment workflows for specific applications and frameworks, and those become the de facto standard shared on GitHub.
    It seems that the authors view the new “Actions” not just as “run tests and build a package after a commit”. And as a way to store executable code on GitHub, share it with colleagues and call it in response to external events, as IFTTT is doing now .

    Despite the risks (many open source solutions have installers of the “curl | bash” type, causing outrage from security experts), it is convenient to run code from the cloud. Especially if it is your own code. "Npx link-to-gist" reduces the code of assemblies, settings, configurations to one line. Which is so easy to transfer to colleagues in the slug or run on a laptop of a new employee.

    CI / CD is available for free in the cloud version of GitLab, and in open source GitHub projects use integrations with popular CI systems as in the screenshot below. But now all this is very limited: CI requires a lot of resources to build a Docker container, they prefer to sell it for money and are afraid of miners. The appearance of a free and fast solution from Microsoft on GitHub can change the rules of the game. Just as the gists did in their time.

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