Noise Security Bit episode 0x21 (Fiction and reality: backdoors in hardware and firmware)

    Our podcast Noise Security Bit is 5 years old from the moment of the idea and the first release. We still do not cease to please our listeners with hardcore topics from the lips of the world's leading experts. So this time we are discussing the sensational news about backdoors in Supermicro and UEFI firmware servers. Our guest is Mitya Nedospasov ( @nedos ) and Dima Oleksyuk ( d_olex ).


    They discussed the problems of the iron development industry, the possibilities of introducing backdoors at the iron production stage and how complex this process is. Many interesting and important topics are covered in this issue. And attention intrigue, theoretically, the backdoor in the gland can be much cheaper than the implant in the firmware. Listen to the entire podcast if you want to know more!

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