Kerio Operator 2.4 saves costs and improves employee productivity


    San Jose, CA June 2, 2015 - Kerio Technologies today released Kerio Operator 2.4. The new version adds support for video calls, simplified dialing rules for outgoing calls and custom routing to reduce costs.

    “The new version of Kerio Operator 2.4 helps small and medium-sized businesses reduce telephone costs and increase employee productivity,” said Heather Paunet, Product Director. “We've added automatic setup for multiple video telephones and caller ID spoofing to help users answer multiple incoming calls.”

    Grandstream GXV and Polycom VVX IT’s new video calling system using video conferencing telephones will help administrators and users improve communication, increase employee productivity and collaboration.

    Cost reduction is achieved by setting custom rules for outgoing calls, since calls to subscribers in various areas (depending on the prefix) can be routed to cheaper routes. Kerio also improved user experience by making it easier to set preferred call routes, and eliminated the need to prefix numbers.

    The new version allows you to configure more call parameters when configuring the interface with the telephone service provider, including sound amplification levels and the sensitivity of dialing tones during a call (DTMF tones).

    More about the features of the new version
    Download the latest version

    Register for the webinar to find out more about the functions of the new version, including:
    • Video calling
    • Advanced Call Routing
    • Caller ID
    • Extension of the list of supported telephone equipment
    • Kerio OS Updates

    Date: June 26th | 11.00 (Moscow time)
    Host of the webinar: Anton Tikhonov, Technical Manager


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