Cocoa Developers Club - iOS and OS X Developer Club

    It all started with the fact that three months ago we decided to join the community of Russian-speaking iOS developers.

    As you know, developers like to join together in order to exchange experiences or just talk about life topics. There are quite a few such communities, but it seems to me that developers (it does not matter whether he is a beginner or not) always have a demand for live communication with the same developers.

    To meet this demand, we decided to use a modern approach. Currently, new tools for group communication have appeared, such as HipChat or Slack (more about Slack here ). Besides the fact that they are used in the work of a specific team, they can also be used to unite in communities of interest. We chose Slack.

    This is how we looked then:

    Over the past three months, more than 1000 participants from around the world have joined us (15 time zones). All of them, to one degree or another, are lovers of a business that unites them - this is development for iOS and OS X.

    During this time, we even managed to hold an informal meeting (talking over a glass of beer) at the same time in three cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk.

    And now, as it seems to us, we have become not just a community - we have become a club. A club is a place where people with common interests meet. And this is just about us, we meet every day at our club.

    From this day we are called Cocoa Developers Club.

    Cocoa Developers Club is an open club. We welcome any new member, from absolute beginners who do not yet know where to start, to experienced professionals who are ready to share their experience.

    In order to get to us, you need to fill out a short form on our website . And in response we will send you an invitation.

    Welcome to the club!

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