Delicious SMM for a restaurant

    The restaurant is a treasure trove of fragrant dishes, drinks and an extraordinary atmosphere. In real life, that's how it is. And what impression do you make on the Internet? What do customers think of you when looking at the next post? If the content on social networks does not cause the desire to book a table for the evening, it's time to make it “tastier”.

    The essence of progress in social networks

    A social network account is not only an opportunity to broadcast the restaurant’s activities. Everything that you publish in a feed forms an opinion about your brand. Content should be bright and memorable.

    Create colorful descriptions to “draw” a picture in the reader’s head. Let your texts smell like delicious coffee. Let the guest feel the taste of a tender mushroom cream soup in his tongue and feel the coolness of lemonade according to a company recipe.

    No photos in the promotion of the restaurant anywhere. Illustrations should be of high quality, made in the same style and correspond to the design of the brand.

    Account Examples

    What social network to create a page for your restaurant? Determine where your audience spends more time and how it is more convenient to get feedback. Instagram is recommended to everyone, and VK and FB - at will.

    Here is an example of an Italian restaurant page on Facebook.


    Or Probka on Tsvetnoy.


    Sample VKontakte page for the restaurant Bahroma.


    And for the institution "Matryoshka".


    Check list of publications for the restaurant account

    If you constantly have problems filling your account, use our tips.

    • Take photos of the workflow and atmosphere of the place.

    The best thing you can show your customers is a “tasty” and cozy reality. To get a better photo, use the Flat lay technique (shooting at right angles to the object), as the adaptive Latin American cuisine restaurant Brazeiro does.


    Bright atmospheric photos in this technique can be found in Instagram Noma restaurant (Copenhagen). If the composition looks so beautiful, what do they cook? Guests will surely be intrigued.


    Another way to successfully capture the life of a restaurant is a photo in daylight. So the frames are more “alive”. Take an example from "Valenok" in Moscow.


    Better reveal the atmosphere of places will help photos of the interior and surrounding species. This technique is actively used in the account of the Terrassa restaurant from the Ginza Project. The combination of cozy places and the charm of St. Petersburg.


    Dinner in the heart of the city has the guests to make gorgeous photos.

    The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant with history is reflected in the profile of the Benoit Farm restaurant.

    In the place of the “Benois Garden” in the XIX century there was a farm, the milk from which was supplied to the royal table. Today is the perfect place for family holidays.


    Photo cooking increases the credibility of the institution. People are wondering exactly how “magic” happens in the kitchen.


    GQ considered the Band of Bohemia bar one of the best in America.

    • Demonstrate Expertise

    Your institution has a distinctive feature. You cook Japanese food, bake cakes or specialize in Italian cuisine - show it. Create a stable association, then customers will go for burgers, rolls and cocktails just for you.

    For example, in the restaurant Fish Point, fish can be not only cooked, but also caught.


    Use a close-up photo to show all the skills of a cook and pay attention to details.


    • Tell about all the events in the restaurant

    Share plans and explain the changes. The new menu, the opening of the institution, collective trips - everything is interesting to the guests.


    For example, the restaurant Probka (restaurant chain Aram Mnatsakanova). Institution on Tsvetnoy - the leader in the nomination "Best Service" according to GQ.

    For color, use the format of color. In Instagram, these short videos can be divided into albums, and you can keep up-to-date information within the range of your subscribers.


    Do not forget to leave a link to your account and use hashtags.


    • Create interactive

    Contests and practical jokes involve and form a loyal audience. For the prize fit cake or cocktail. A happy winner will bring a company with him and maybe order a main course.


    • Publish announcements

    So you will attract the attention of the audience to the upcoming event. Tell us about the special guests of the meeting and hint at the planned surprise.


    • Tell about important people

    Stay close to your followers. The openness of the owner and managers creates an atmosphere of trust.


    • Prepare posts lists and rubrics

    This format readers like for information and compactness. For example, "5 options for breakfast" and "3 main events of this week."


    As headings can be “Secrets from the chef” on Fridays and “Dish of the week” on Mondays. The audience will get used and will give a response.

    • Arrange live broadcasts

    Show what is happening right now. Tell us about the evening, full hall and show cooked treats. It is better to report in advance about the broadcast.

    Also do not forget to answer questions from guests. Without feedback, social networks do not exist. Specify a geo-position so that customers do not have difficulty finding a restaurant. Also pay attention to the “tone” of the brand. He must be respectful, but without ingratiating himself.

    The restaurant should be filled with "magic" that you want to share with guests. You need not only to cook well, but to exceed visitors' expectations, then the posts will gain views and comments, and the tables in your establishment will always be booked for many months in advance. What do you want!

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