Biomodul 1-2


    - The exchange of consciousness will occur within an hour.

    - Will I feel something?

    - Not. You will just sleep.

    - Good.

    - Have you read the terms? All clear?

    - If you repeat it again, I will be grateful.

    A girl in a white robe rose from the table, walked around to his side and picked up a weighty folder. I sat down next to Sergey, opened it and started flipping through - there were slides inside, in large print and with large pictures.

    - So. The first stage is the manufacture of a biomodule and an exact copy of the body. This item is already passed.
    Sergey nodded, but suddenly remembered something.

    - Wait, I have long wanted to ask. - He interrupted the girl. - When performing this procedure, a copy of the body gets my sores?

    - Yes of course. Clients are different, including - with serious diseases. If the copy is healthy, it will cause a lot of questions to the environment. As you understand, no one particularly advertises the use of a biomodule.

    Sergey stopped talking and the girl continued.

    - Now we have to exchange consciousness. A copy, or rather, the biomodule will receive all the knowledge, skills, acquired instincts and the like. Full copy of consciousness.

    - And he is ... Do not rebel? Will not dispute, well ... What I am - the original, and he - a copy?

    - Not.

    - Is there some kind of protection built in?

    - Sergey, we have no cheap fiction here. Biomodule clearly aware of itself. Just like a biomodule. He has no illusions. He is just a machine that will temporarily perform your duties. By the way, what period have you chosen?

    - Three months. Not to say that I chose ...

    - Ah, you are on the program "In-bank"?

    - No, of course, I'm not crazy ...

    - In vain you say so! Excellent program, and the percentage of defaults - only about ten. So you mean experimental?

    - Yes, sort of.

    - I see. - the girl got up and returned to her workplace.

    Her expression changed a little - her eyes narrowed, the smile disappeared, a subtle touch of arrogance appeared.

    “It's interesting that this time ...” she murmured, loudly throwing the folder onto the table.


    - In the sense of "this time"? - scared asked Sergey.

    - The experimental program is the introduction of a biomodule endowed with new, not yet tested functions. Actually, therefore it is free. Like your holiday.

    - So I will be a laboratory rat?

    The girl sighed heavily, as if trying to relieve irritation.

    - Sergey, did they explain the conditions to you?

    - Yes of course. No, you do not think, I just wonder what will be there ... Well, what are the new, not previously tested functions.

    - Only developers know this. Anticipating your question - I do not know either, and I can’t even know if I want to.

    Sergei thoughtfully silent. Frowning forehead, pulling the hem of a sleeve, bit his lips. The girl in the robe, seeing his condition, decided not to tarry.

    - Yes, you do not worry, Sergey. The biomodule will not start to bite, rush at people or eat worms. New features are usually not very different from the norm. Just you understand - technologies are developing, and must be tested. The company provides all the conditions for this. You get a free biomodule for three months, while you yourself will bask in the sun by the warm sea at this time.

    Sergey, hearing these words, calmed down a bit, as if he justified his own decision.

    - Good. What's next?

    - Exchange of consciousness and initiation. If ready, come on.

    - Ready.

    The girl got up and walked toward the door, Sergei followed her. Behind the door was a long corridor, in which there was nothing but an entrance and an exit. The sound of the girl’s heels echoed loudly in the empty walls.

    At the end of the corridor was a door with a combination lock. The girl took out a key card from her pocket, put it on the wall, and the door opened. A large room with white walls, a small table with a computer on it, and two couches opened up to a look. On one lay the body.

    At the sight of the body on the back of Sergei ran an unpleasant chill. First, there was no clothes on the body. Secondly, he was very embarrassed by the color of the body - not pale, as in films about morgues, but the normal, natural color of the human body. As if it was an ordinary person who lay naked to sleep on a couch in the laboratory.

    But the most unpleasant, and incomprehensible was the apparent lack of breath. Sergey didn’t even have to look at his chest or stomach — he was almost physically at the level of natural instincts; he felt that the body was not alive.

    - I beg! - the girl showed a hand on a free couch. - Your place is here.

    Sergey uncertainly, squinting at the body, went to the couch and froze. It was his body. Of course, he knew beforehand that he would see his copy, but the sensations were still indescribable. Sergey literally numb, only his eyes quickly ran, looking at the details. Your own details. Even the nakedness of his copy, in the presence of outsiders, now did not bother Sergey.

    - Did you watch enough? The girl asked cheerfully. - If you want, we can turn it over?

    - BUT? - Sergey woke up. - Turn it over? What for?

    “Aren't you interested?” See your back, for example. In life it is difficult to do. A bunch of people saw your back, well ... What below. And you yourself - no. Do not hesitate, most are looking at their copy, until it is included.

    - Not included?

    - Well yes. The body does not function. The brain is off, no blood, lymph too. Without the brain, breathing, heartbeat, autonomic nervous system of the digestion is also disabled. Like a toy without a battery.

    - Why is this color?

    - Body color?

    - Yes. He must be ... like dead.

    - It will be if we do not turn it on soon. The body had just been brought from the warehouse, where it was in a deep freeze, pumped up with process fluids. Actually, it is now pumped by them, otherwise cell necrosis would begin. But for a long time these fluids are not enough, because they do not move.

    Sergey decided and came closer. The fallen asleep gave way to less important feelings, including shame. I wanted to turn the body over - not only from the desire to see an exact copy of my own back. He paused a little, Sergey nevertheless touched the body. First, to the shoulder, then pressed his fingers on his chest, slightly raised and released his hand.

    The girl first silently watched what was happening, then resolutely approached the body and took the right hand.

    - Help. - She said, and gazed at the opposite side of the body. - Hold the left side, I'll turn it over.

    Sergey obediently walked around the couch and put his hands on his body. The girl jerked sharply up, over her shoulder, grabbed her back, and her body was on its side. For a few seconds she looked at Sergey and, apparently realizing that there was no way to get help from him, she grabbed the body with her left hand over the collarbone and pulled sharply.

    The body, with a loud sound, slammed onto the table, face down. The girl, having finished the coup, smiled contemptuously and returned to the computer, leaving Sergei alone with his back.
    His back was not very interesting to Sergey, but a slight feeling of guilt in front of a girl who so selflessly and decisively turned the body over did not allow her to just go and go to her couch. I had to stand and pretend that dozens of moles on a copy of the back - a sight no less fascinating than the map of the solar system.

    Now the body looked even more strange. While it lay on his back, it was a feeling like in a morgue. A body lying in an unnatural posture, on the stomach, with woven legs, did not cause any associations, and therefore it seemed somehow surreal, artificial, not from this world.

    Sergei portrayed interest for several minutes. He examined moles, neck, ears, thigh muscles, poked his finger, scratched a little suspicious spot, which turned out to be followed by unknown dirt. Finally, he took a step back and looked up at the girl.

    - Did you watch enough? - with an easy call she asked. - Everything, we can start?

    - Yes.

    Sergey went to his couch and hesitated.

    “Sorry ...” he began, looking as the girl rolls a copy of his body, weighing almost ninety kilograms. - What should I do? Just lie down?

    - Yes. - a little out of breath, said the girl.

    But Sergey continued to hesitate. His fingers ran through the clothes, lingering a little on the buttons, as if he could not take any decision at all.

    - Undress is not necessary. - contemptuously threw the girl. - It is enough that your head is open.

    With relief, Sergei climbed onto the couch and lay back. What to do next, he did not know, so just looked at the ceiling.

    - Ready? - the girl has already returned to the computer.

    - Yes.

    - Good. Getting started.

    - Wait. - Sergey raised himself on his elbow. - And you will not connect anything to me?

    - In terms of? A foil cap on your head? Posting directly to the brain? Sergey, you excuse me, but you seem to have reviewed the fiction. We simply transfer a significant amount of data over the wireless network. It takes about one hour. Your job is to just lie down and lie down. Clear?

    - Clear. - Sergey obediently flat out on his back.

    After thinking for a couple of seconds, he put his hands behind his head. Change, so change. A life. With comfort.

    - Remove your hands from your head. - strictly said the girl, and Sergey obeyed. - And then there will be interference.

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