Series: Big Data - like a dream. 7th series. Great Jobs for Big Data

    In previous series: Big Data is not just a lot of data. Big Data is a positive feedback process. The Obama Button as the embodiment of rtBD & A. Big Data Development Philosophy. BD is also Bolt Data. In this series, how to become a BD Analyst?

    The other day, an announcement appeared in the networks from Moscow government agencies about the recruitment of 50 BD analysts for a salary of 100tr. Simple estimates “on the fingers” will show that this corresponds to expenses on wages, taxes, office and equipment ~ 150 million rubles. in year. It is time to begin to rejoice that projects with Big Data analytics have appeared in the capital, and even in the field of healthcare, the usefulness of which for residents and state pockets is estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles annually?

    Since we have the experience of “nurturing” BD analysts, we have expertise in working with “analysts” of customers from different countries, regions and industries, then ... we wish good luck and hope for a positive result - in the end, not the Gods burn pots. Below is a brief overview of industries whose natives may well try themselves in a new field. And also a serious toolkit for the game "Feel like an analyst."

    Six months ago, when few people still believed in the upcoming crisis, for a new analytical structure, our colleagues skimmed the “loafers” - interesting people who clearly understood the “stupidity” or unnecessaryness of their current work and were among the first to “lay straws”, catching signals of an impending storm in search of a reliable future refuge.

    Now that the crisis is in full swing, and there are enough loafers (without quotes) in the labor market, it's time to throw a trawl to find interesting specialists who are ready to move into new markets with serious prospects. Now many industries have acutely felt the lack of Big Data analysts - the same Gartner promises the ABD market capacity in the US alone to hundreds of thousands of analysts in the coming years.

    If earlier there was hope, for example, for sociologists, then the next “review” at the Grushinsky conference, which presents the best cadres of sociology and research, once again showed that people are so spoiled by the future that retraining from a worldview “we will not analyze ALL the data, let's do it sampling ”- is more expensive. True, there is a single reverse precedent - a positive case, and even then a student at Moscow State University tried to prohibit doing a diploma on an "extravagant" topic - for a real big study using Big Data. Good Big Data analysts are obtained from HSE immigrants / graduate students, as well as young, still “unfinished” marketers, PR managers, reactionary communication men who are able to react super-quickly to new trends and challenges.

    Events in the world, country, regions, cities and towns, during times of crisis in many FCMG markets (electronics, finance, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, tourism, sports, media, etc.) the need for ABDs that can solve new needs is growing spitting on the crisis - rather, on the contrary, the crisis has blown up old solutions and industries now require, require and require new “victims” of old industries.

    New vacancies do not yet have formal descriptions, popular trainings or smart books (all smart books on ABD are devoted to the “slow” research industry). But there is a fast-growing stream of tasks from various industries, coming directly from companies or through large and medium-sized agencies serving large “nodes”, new clearings that previously lacked data and time.

    For those who want to test themselves and try in the new hypostasis of Big Data Analyst, without filling out any application forms and interviews, without access to large datasets, there is a very simple way: select a popular event and look at it through the eyes of many people. You can see, feel the trends and trends of society - not your thoughts and ideas, not the opinions of your inner circle, but other, real people - it means you have a clear talent and inclination in Big Data analytics: a willingness to perceive reality in all its diversity.

    A wonderful refinement of the necessary skills is done on popular live shows - such as “Voice” or “Big Stage” - a lot of data comes from different people, there is no predictability of results, the multi-core nature of the “battlefield” (the number of key-persons that strongly affect events). Unfortunately, both shows have ended, but you should not worry: there are many events of interest to large groups of the population. This weekend there will be a film about Putin, the celebration of May 9 is widely discussed, then the World Hockey Championship, etc., etc. will begin.

    For fast-trending events (Golos, Straight line with Putin, a specific football match), the main sources are Twitter, sometimes with the addition of Instagram and VK, where it is easy to throw out a short emotion, opinion, express an opinion by reposting what you like. For “slow” or “long” events(world championships in popular sports, an increase in the number of owners of new iPhone versions, presidential elections), all sources should be analyzed: VK, FB, LiveJournal, media, comments, forums, thematic sites and reviews.

    Below are a few cases implemented with sociological companies (VTsIOM), news agencies (RIA Novosti), research institutions (Wednesday):

    1. A study of public opinion on social media about the charity campaign “Worldwide” - vox-populi. com / whole_world.phtml

    2. Interactive infographic “Olympic mood” -
    based on the dynamics of the number and tonality of messages on social networks devoted to the Olympic Games in Sochi.

    3. Forecast of elections in Venezuela (2013) -

    4. Direct line with President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on April 25, 2013. Monitoring the dynamics of public opinion in social media -

    5. Easter on social networks -

    A small bonus for those who decide to seriously try their hand at promising specialties, we agreed with our colleagues from Brand Analytics that those who wish can use a professional social media analysis system for their research for the period until the end of the May holidays. The promotional code for free registration is Megamind , address is
    Here you can see a couple of real topics instituted by professional analysts.

    Good analyzes! ;)

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