Soon it will be cold: get acquainted with the company Pekatherm and choose gloves with heating

    Externally, Pekatherm products are not finesse. To say that the "gadgets" of this brand were somehow very functional or innovative is also impossible.

    The main direction - products for heating: heating pads, electric sheets and garments.

    One of the few introductory phrases in the section “About the Company” deserves to be immortalized (irony), because it’s written very much like Tolstoy:

    From the very beginning of this enterprise, our only goal and desired result was the development and production of modern, safe and high-tech products that meet the most stringent market requirements, using our own technologies and using the extensive knowledge and wide experience we have gained over the years of work in the field of design. and the production of textile heat goods.

    Breathed out ...

    And, nevertheless, despite all this, the products are incredibly distributed, both in large chains and in individual stores. Including gadget stores. Yeah, why hide it: we have it too.

    To whom this is all addressed

    If you think about it, heated gloves are a very useful and versatile piece. In winter, people are freezing, this is a common thing.

    At the same time, it is possible to single out several “extreme” categories of future users, for example, lovers of long walks, fishermen who stay static in the cold for a long time, and here they are hunters.

    What competitive advantages does Pekatherm offer?

    • Versatility. Actually, we have gloves or mittens like "Dutyka". They themselves are able to keep warm and can "work" like a regular piece of clothing when there is no need for additional heating.
    • Excellent quality of materials and "assembly". Gloves have a multilayer structure, each element of which is responsible for certain characteristics: thermal insulation, protection from moisture and wind, etc.
    • Easy to use. Put on, go, turn it on.

    Five-layer material

    1. Wind, rain and snow
    2. Internal humidity
    3. External fabric
    4. Waterproof breathable membrane
    5. Thermal insulation membrane
    6. Heating element
    7. Internal fabric

    One of the main innovations in clothing design, the company calls the fabric from which gloves are made . It consists of several layers, including a special electrically conductive composite fiber, which ensures uniform distribution of heat along the fingers.

    The inner material is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is followed by a heating element that does not affect the shape and does not hinder movement. The loss of heat is compensated by a membrane gasket. Even if the gloves work without batteries.

    This composition imposes some restrictions on the care of devices: they can not be washed in a typewriter, ironed and pressed. At the same time, the gloves externally do not betray a complex device and look normal.

    Currently, several models are

    offered : GU920 is one of the simplest and cheapest models in the line. Available in several sizes.

    The model provides heating to 65 degrees through the use of batteries or rechargeable batteries. Additionally equipped with reflective inserts. Declared autonomy up to 9 hours of work.

    All Pekatherm models have an elongated upper part: it serves as a pocket for a battery box. However, for convenience, you can purchase an extension cord and carry batteries, for example, in an external pocket.

    GU920 -Thermopark model with similar features .

    Here a slightly lower possible heating temperature is declared - up to 45 degrees, however, the battery life is increased: it is declared from 6 to 15 hours in the heating mode. The model is also one of the cheapest in the range.

    GU910 is also one of the younger models, but more expensive per thousand rubles .

    Cost is added by a complete set of branded batteries - one for each glove. It works with them for up to 4 hours, and the maximum declared temperature is up to 55 degrees.

    Accessories for numbers 920 and 930 can additionally be completed with a proprietary rechargeable batteries CP951. This battery has several additional features, including temperature regimes, providing a constant voltage during operation, good autonomy and the function of rapid heating. The cost of mittens in this set is 4290 rubles . Gloves cost - 4490 rubles .

    For users who are not familiar with the design of gloves, but the idea of ​​the device is interesting, the company offers the model GU900. These are thin inner gloves that you can wear to others, familiar and comfortable. Relatively speaking - a kind of warm gasket.

    In this case, however, some of the insulating and heat-resistant characteristics can be lost, which is kindly warned. But they work on a similar principle: batteries, and - forward.

    Considering these features for such gloves, the maximum heating temperature was increased to 75 degrees.

    At the same time, Pekatherm models are quite comfortable. Some videos show that, despite the presence of some kind, but still electronics, such gloves do not hinder movement and do not burden people.

    In any case, you can pick up a bag or another item.
    Take care and do not freeze!

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