Turing test

    “The Turing Test is an empirical test, the idea of ​​which was proposed by Alan Turing in the article“ Computing Machines and Mind ”, published in 1950 in the philosophical journal“ Mind ”. Turing set out to determine if the machine can think. "(Quote from Wikipedia)

    When I woke up, the clock, as usual, was already after midnight. As usual, cursing loudly for the fact that as usual he overslept everything that was possible, he went to wash himself. After, as usual, got dressed and went for milk. As usual, only Crossroads worked at this time.

    As usual, taking a pack of the House in the village, went to the checkout.

    Halfway, somewhere between shelves with noodles and canned tomatoes, I was stopped by a tall, but skinny, about twenty-five years old and in a gray down jacket, guy:

    - Quick question to you! Answer without hesitation!
    “Beer-beer ?,” I did not understand.
    - What are your political beliefs?
    “Beer-beer ?,” I did not understand again.

    Only then did I pay attention to his hand, squeezing a knife, the blade of which rested through the jacket into my chest.

    I just recently moved to this area, and I have not yet encountered such a thing here.

    - Answer without hesitation! What are your political beliefs?
    “Well ...,” I thought, “I am for freedom ...,” he said, choosing his words as carefully as possible. This guy was clearly out of his mind, probably on the run.
    - Well, how do you feel about fascism?
    “No way ...,” I realized, my torn grinders and camouflage jacket obviously baffled him ...
    “Well, who are you in life?” Fa or anti-fa?
    “Actually, I'm a robot,” I tried to answer as honestly as possible.
    “I don’t understand ... Robot?” What will you justify?
    - Let's do the Turing Test. If I’m really a robot, then I can’t get through it. Ask any question that only a person could answer, and you will immediately understand everything.
    - Good. Tell me what is the meaning of life?
    - I dont know.
    “But you're a robot!” You must know everything! Have at least some answers!
    - I dont know. Fair. I don’t care about that at all. My decision-making system is built on the ternary logic proposed by Jan Lukasevich in 1920. It was this system that Soviet engineers were developing into the basis of their machines, developing the first domestic computers. This system, in contrast to the traditional binary logic of Aristotle, which has only two values ​​“yes” and “no”, also has a third meaning - “I don’t know, do not care.” And your question posed goes beyond the set of knowledge that was laid down in me, and which I could draw, based on my practicality ....

    The tip of the metal burst with force into the region of my carotid artery. I backed away, began to fall on the rack with the noodles of Rolton, trying to grab my hand in my neck, already in full exuding a bright stream of electrolytes.

    “I drove the boys, we drove ...”, he heard his retreating voice, “there will be more brains for me ...”

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