Amateurs versus Experts - recipes for website designing for beginners

Denote the problem:an ordinary person starts a new business and needs new channels to attract customers. A good selling website is also needed. This person, as if he were not experienced, well-read and educated - most likely does not have enough experience to immediately begin to successfully build a strategy in e-commerce. That is, he has not filled enough cones yet, he has too optimistic world perception and is seething with ideas and hypotheses. This is a typical amateur. Oppose him in business will be Competitive Experts - people who have experienced thousands of mistakes in their own skin and have invaluable experience. They have only one idea left - it is this that is the main policy of their business. They are far from enthusiastic "ahs" and do not like smoothies - in general, these are typical seasoned Experts.

Lao Tzu: “He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know”


He who knows how to see and hear - can find wisdom and acquire useful skills anywhere and anytime. Humanity has not existed for the first hundred years, and the amount of accumulated knowledge, experience, and techniques is so great that literally in every branch of human activity today there are just gigabytes of potential benefit.

For example, just watching children in kindergartens, their abilities to learn, communicate, interact with unfamiliar subjects - you can get as much knowledge on UX as from attending a full-fledged course in another British. Only there you will be “intensely” crammed into this knowledge - and here you will be measured and measured, taking into account personal abilities and interests, comprehend them in real life, as befits a true sage.

Similarly, if you carefully watch television, then tons of slag you can distinguish diamonds of common sense and emeralds of interesting experience. So, using the example of the usual reality show from Discovery TV channel “Man vs Expert”, today we will see how each truth has many faces, and only stupidity is faceless and colorless.


In this purely entertaining program, her host, without any special skills, with a complete lack of experience and super ability, challenges the best specialists in the world and most often wins a landslide victory. How does this look like the situation in modern business - while the majority are afraid and pull the rubber, believing that all markets are already occupied, that all profits are shared between leaders, that they can’t get into a busy niche, that they will crush, beat, surpass experience - arrogant always appear out of nowhere newcomers who overnight can easily and easily deal with experienced gurus and instantly, due to their pressure, take up any experience and many years of professionalism. Damn, how do they do it? Is a cool design possible for a site cheaper than ten thousand dollars? Are there really breakthrough ideas without the support of a couple of billionaire investors?

Normal heroes always go around


The essence of success in business, in design, in any other area of ​​interaction with a person, as in the described television show, is that you need to use a non-standard approach, special knowledge, creativity and terrain.

So the slope of the road just a few degrees will help any suffocate to beat the world champion in dragging trucks. It is impossible to notice such a bias visually, as well as physically surpass the experienced master - therefore, from the outside, success here seems magic.

Overtake a professional racer by cutting off the road on the lake? But you think that motorcycles do not ride on water. That's right, and while you think so - others are victorious over champions. And you live on as you lived.


This show also used people who are able to hear special ultrasounds that are not accessible to most people - and due to this they beat professors and academicians in scientific competitions. In the victory in rowing competitions, river flows, laws of physics, aerodynamics and biology were used.

How often it seems to each of us that the river of life cannot be turned back - and infinite gloom and passivity embraces us. However, in fact, such rivers that change their course to the opposite during the day exist. And knowing about it can help each of you immediately defeat the universally recognized champion. But until we reach for new knowledge, do not even try to look for new solutions - and raise our hands in advance as a sign of surrender, unconditionally recognizing other authorities - a good site will cost you 10 thousand dollars, and its programming will take at least six months.

But in reality there are no authorities, everyone can become the best - as soon as he forces himself to think outside the box. Say this is a scam? But here, your presenter does not do anything illegal in the program, and everything that is not legally prohibited directly is allowed. A person sees the goal, sees obstacles in the way - and circumvents them. Yes, this is the easiest and most effective way to success from existing ones. Everything else requires liters of sweat and blood without the slightest guarantee of results.

A.V. Suvorov “It is hard to learn - easy in battle”


Another secret ingredient in this show's winning dish is thorough pre-preparation. What from the outside looks like magic has behind itself days and weeks of persistent preliminary work and analysis. Let’s analyze the importance of preparing for battle using examples:

- How can an ordinary person catch fish more than the coolest and most experienced fisherman in the world?
Of course, this can only be done by pre-feeding the week where the competition will take place. This is easier than steamed turnip, and it was not forbidden by anyone.

- How to beat on penalties one of the most famous football players in England? Of course, to collect all the statistics on its features, manner of striking and favorite techniques. Yes, analysis, preparation and data collection is hard, and the host of the show has to spend an extra couple of hours or even days (horror-horror) on data collection. Imagine, it’s the same as for ordering a new site a businessman would need to submit his business plan, or fill out a brief for 2 sheets — a monstrous expenditure of time and effort, wouldn’t it? But it turns out (shock and maximum repost) - from the preliminary analysis and development of the plan there is still benefit. Who would have thought.

K. Prutkov “Looking at the world - do not stop being surprised”


So, if the desire to win and the thirst for superiority in you is slightly higher than the average average person - you will have to pay the coolest designer (available on freelance today) before you pay - spend an extra day preparing, analyzing, planning and thinking. All that is needed for success in any business is to remove the blindfold from your own eyes, remove the earplugs from your ears and look around, listen carefully and evaluate the situation - and only after that choose the direction for the future victorious attack. Template solutions, template phrases, copying someone else's success - the path to nowhere, here not a single amateur will ever surpass a person with experience.

For example, when creating a site for young girls and attracting an audience to it, use the experience of successful pick-ups, instead of buying a millionth logo, remember how you acted in real life when meeting a popular girl who has hundreds of fans swarming at her feet. You were surprised! While everyone calls her to the tavern or to the sauna, you invite the girl to the butterfly park. While everyone gives a necklace and iPhones - you give a kitten or a koala. Everyone is dragged to the cinema - and you drag it to the mountains. It’s not against the law, it’s just your unconventional thinking - based on the analysis of all available data and thorough preparation, invisible to the world.

This is what the required ingredient for the success of any business, design, and life looks like.

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