Easter build Vivaldi



    Today, many companies are engaged in inventing April Fools ’draws, but we have no time for jokes - we decided to spend this time with benefit and were engaged in improving our browser.

    Earlier, we promised that today we will present you a new version of Technical Preview 3, but we were forced to postpone it for a week to complete the entire cycle of internal testing. In exchange, we decided to release another test build of Vivaldi - today under the interesting number

    imageIn this assembly, we were engaged in improving the function of displaying grouped tabs according to your wishes. A new Tile Tab Stack item has appeared in the context menu of the tab group (this menu item has not yet been translated into Russian), which allows you to display the group pages in one window. Approximately as shown in the top screenshot. By default, all pages are placed vertically next to each other, but you can change the display method using the special button located on the status bar next to the image display control button (see the figure on the right).

    We also continue to work on one of the most popular functions - mouse gestures. In this assembly, we added a new gesture that allows you to open links in a new tab - just hover over the link, click the right button and move the mouse down. We will continue to work on mouse gestures - the scope for creativity is wide.

    imageAnother topic very often raised by our users on the forum is improving the visualization of content loading in background tabs. Today we can show how this work is progressing. Firstly, we replaced the page loading progress indicator: now it is more unified with its “big brother” - the active page loading indicator in the address bar, and is displayed as a bar at the bottom of the spine of the tab. And secondly, a tab that is fully loaded will have a “cut off” corner - so you will see which of the tabs that open in the background is ready for viewing. Perhaps this is not an ideal solution and you have better ideas - we will be glad to listen to you and, perhaps, your idea will be implemented in future versions.

    That's all for today. You can download the new assembly using the links below:

    Detailed list of changes:

    • VB-4745 Kill running instances of Vivaldi.exe before ...
    • VB-4690 fix detection of flash on linux
    • VB-4711 Adguard no longer working in Vivaldi
    • VB-4757 Save password dialog missing
    • VB-4758 Quick Command doesn't work for search
    • VB-4755 "Untile selection" persistance in tabs menu after closing the penultimate tiled tab
    • VB-1602 Added link gestures for new tab.
    • VB-4457 Issue Report: Right Click And Open File Doesn't Work For A Downloaded Zip File
    • VB-4713 Issue Report: ctrl + enter shortcut eats the first letter when the domain starts with aw

    That's all for today. We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

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