Mozilla stops working on Firefox OS and passes the source code to the open source community

firefox OS, B2G, Gecko, Boot to Gecko, operating systems, Mozilla, Mozilla Foundation

Adobe accidentally blogged its PGP secret key

Adobe, PGP, Mailvelope

Google launched a mobile site suitability assessment tool

Google, mobile-friendly, design, speed

PlayStation 3 officially completed

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, game consoles

Sailfish OS renamed to Aurora OS

Sailfish, Aurora, Rostelecom

Acrylic yarn helps extract uranium from seawater

uranium, acrylic, seawater, oceans, mining

Microsoft will answer in court for data loss when upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10, Windows 7, Claim, lawsuit, EU, regulators, personal data

Google Play will appear on Chrome OS this year

Google Play, Chrome OS, chromebook 2, chromebook, google, operating systems, android

Moscow driver fined for shadow from his car

STSI, fines, pattern recognition, machine vision

Moscow chose a city Wi-Fi operator, it is obliged to install a DPI traffic filtering system

Moscow, Wi-Fi, Maxima Telecom, MT_FREE, traffic filtering, DPI