Google launched a mobile site suitability assessment tool


    A new resource has appeared in the list of Google projects for site owners and developers - . With its help, it will be possible to determine whether the mobile version of the site is suitable for use in terms of three parameters that Google exposes:
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • Mobile speed - site loading speed on mobile devices
    • Desktop speed - download speed of the site on the desktop

    Each score is ranked in points from 0 to 100, and the result of the test Google suggests sending it to the webmaster so that he can take some measures if necessary.

    The results of checking the mobile version of Habrahabr can be seen in the screenshot:


    In the mobile version of Geektimes, things are not going well with the download speed either:


    After a little study of the site, it becomes clear that the search giant simply organized a convenient interface to one of its APIs - PageSpeed ​​Insights. It is to him that a GET request is sent twice with two different platform identifiers: mobile and desktop. In this regard, you can easily find out those criteriaby which Google rates the site’s loading speed and suitability for mobile devices. Google pays the most attention to two indicators.

    • loading time of the top of the page : total time from the moment the page was requested until the top of the page was displayed in the browser
    • full page load time : total time from the moment the page was requested until it was fully displayed in the browser.

    After clicking on the rectangle with the results of a specific test, you can look at the recommendations that Google gives for this site. Apparently, the mobile version of Geektimes has problems with image optimization and too much JavaScript, the download of which has to wait for the rendering of elements. True, Google’s version of is also far from perfect:


    As previously reported , Netflix launched an extremely minimalistic tool for checking Internet connection speed.

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